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Open cell and linear strip ceiling KRAFT in Tashkent airport (+5 photos)

Open cell and linear strip ceiling KRAFT in Tashkent airport (+5 photos)

Following the airports "Kyiv", "Borispil", "Odesa" and "Zaporizhzhia", KRAFT suspended ceilings are now installed in the new terminal of the airport "Tashkent"

Open sell ceilings and cube-shaped rail are literally created for large public spaces and, in fact, have no worthy alternative. The opening of the new terminal of the international airport in Tashkent only confirms this rule. The new departure hall was designed and executed with a minimum number of columns, therefore, the array of open cell suspended ceilings grilyato for 3 thousand sq. m of area looks solid and impressive. In some areas of the hall, cube-shaped ceilings with built-in lamps and a ventilation system are installed between the slats.

As you can see in the photo, from the familiar viewing angle for a person, such a suspended ceiling looks uniform. Open cell ceiling grilyato cells merge and perfectly hide communications behind the ceiling. And this despite the fact that the transparency of such a ceiling is about 70%. Therefore, grilyato does not pose an obstacle to the operation of the ventilation and fire extinguishing system, which is one of the main requirements for public premises. The transparency of the slatted ceiling is slightly lower, but it still provides free air movement and, if necessary, quick removal of combustion products.

Of the advantages of the cube-shaped suspended ceiling and open cell ceiling grilyato KRAFT, easy access to any place in the ceiling space should also be noted, which facilitates the maintenance and repair of communications. Such suspended ceilings are easy to disassemble and just as easily assembled back without damage and violation of the geometry of the ceiling.

Separately, I would like to note the highly professional approach of KRAFT's partner in Uzbekistan - ОО IN TECH STROY. The opening of the new departure hall of the Tashkent airport was timed to coincide with the 30th anniversary of Uzbekistan's independence, therefore, great importance was attached to the timely delivery of suspended ceilings and fast, high-quality installation. With which our partners have done an excellent job. And the KRAFT company has once again confirmed its status of a reliable manufacturer!

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