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Phyto-office with a cube-shaped rail on the ceiling and walls (+6 photos)

Phyto-office with a cube-shaped rail on the ceiling and walls (+6 photos)

How well will a cube-shaped rail fit into an interior with phytodesign elements?

Conference rooms or meeting rooms often look business-like boring. Tables, chairs, microphones and other paraphernalia keep people from forgetting exactly where they are. But if a good designer has worked with such a room, then even a few elements can transform a dull room. In this case, the central element is a conference table with landscaping of stabilized moss. It would seem a trifle, but immediately it seems that you are holding a meeting somewhere on the lawn. Greenery is pleasing to the eye and, of course, serves as an inspiring element for people of creative professions. And to emphasize this impression, the designer decorated the walls with a KRAFT cube-shaped rail with a wood texture. And now the boring office space has literally turned into a wooden gazebo in nature. Agree, the sensations should be much more pleasant!

Now let's look at where and how exactly the cube-shaped rail was used. First, of course, the cube-shaped rail was used to equip the suspended ceiling. The rail on the ceiling is made of steel with a dark wood texture. The height of the rail is 105 mm, the pitch is 156 mm. It would seem that the step is large enough for such a ceiling height, but in this case it is justified by the fact that people most often sit in such a room, so the distance to the false ceiling will be greater than usual. The suspended ceiling is not made in a solid array. In the central part we see the usual painted ceiling, and sections with a cube-shaped rail are located where the main communications pass, in order to have easy access to their maintenance. You can also see gaps in the slatted ceiling for mounting the lighting system. The lighting system is located around the entire perimeter above the work surfaces. On the ceiling, the luminaires are mounted parallel to the rails and perpendicular to the gaps between them and are flush with the lower false ceiling.

Rails on the walls, as mentioned earlier, perform decorative functions. They are mounted on individual mounts (so that the traverse does not have to be masked) and are a continuation of the rails on the false ceiling. Spotlights are installed between the rails. In general, the whole interior looks harmonious and the KRAFT cube-shaped rail fits perfectly into it, both on the ceiling and on the walls. Inspiration to you!

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