Main characteristics of KRAFT Led lamps

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KRAFT Led - economical lighting system for suspended ceilings

Innovative KRAFT LED luminaires were created especially for suspended ceilings. One of the features of KRAFT LED luminaires is that they can be used for any type of suspended ceiling, as well as for modernizing the lighting system in already existing spaces. The lamp driver is compatible with the Smart Home system using the Zigbee protocol.

Main advantages of KRAFT Led lighting system

1. Separate suspensions are not required. As a rule, when the weight of the lamp is more than 250 g, it requires a separate suspension. LED profile KRAFT LED is installed on a suspended ceiling without the use of additional components.

2. The ability to install fixtures anywhere in the suspended ceiling.

3. Easy installation. The KRAFT T-LED LED profile is installed in the same way as the standard T-profile. KRAFT G-LED luminaires are easily mounted on open cell ceiling and Linear strip ceiling.

4. Do not require maintenance. Service life up to 50,000 hours. The parameters of the luminaires are designed in such a way that the LED elements do not overheat. At the same time, the guides of the ceiling structure act as a radiator, dissipating heat into the ceiling space.
5. Do not affect the acoustics of ceiling systems. Often in the classic suspended ceilings acoustic mineral tiles, which are designed to redeem noise are used. Installing raster fixtures in such ceilings violates the acoustic effect of the use of plates. The KRAFT LED lighting system is mounted directly on the T-profile and does not affect the acoustics of the ceiling.

6. Safety & Warranty. KRAFT LED luminaires do not contain mercury and do not emit ultraviolet light. Warranty 3 years

7. Can be used with any type of ceiling. We produce two main types of luminaires. The T-Led model is designed for suspended ceilings on T-profiles. The G-Led model can be used for any suspended ceiling: ceilings on T-profiles, for all types of open cell ceiling, as well as for suspended ceilings made of cube-shaped rail and plate-shaped rail.

Types of lamps and their use: T-Led, G-Led

The KRAFT Led lighting system consists of two parts: a light source (luminaire) and its mounting. All systems use the same luminaires. And depending on the type of suspended ceiling, we offer two types of mounting: T-Led and G-Led.
KRAFT T-Led lamps
In the KRAFT T-Led lighting system, the KRAFT Fortis T-profiles with a width of 15 or 24 mm are used as supporting elements of the luminaire. Profiles with a semicircular diffuser are used with the T-24 system (width 24 mm). Profiles with a rectangular diffuser are intended for use with the T-15 system (width 15 mm). During installation, instead of the usual T-profile, the KRAFT T-Led LED profile is installed in the desired place on the ceiling. The lamp driver is compatible with the Smart Home system using the Zigbee protocol.
KRAFT G-Led lamps
KRAFT G-Led luminaires are also available in widths of 15 mm (rectangular diffuser) or 24 mm (semicircular diffuser). They are attached directly to the rail or grilyato profiles using reinforced double-sided tape (included). It should be borne in mind that before fastening, it is necessary to drill holes for the output of the wires. The KRAFT G-Led driver is compatible with the Smart Home system via the Zigbee protocol.

KRAFT InterioLed luminaires: harmonious with any interiors

KRAFT InterioLed luminaires will soon be available for ordering
KRAFT InterioLed luminaires have been developed by our engineering department. The InterioLed range is a logical progression of the KRAFT Led lighting systems. These luminaires are universal: KRAFT InterioLed is suitable for all types of ceilings, for different types of rooms and interiors, from apartments and private houses to commercial real estate.

Keeping all the advantages of KRAFT Led lighting systems (technical and luminous characteristics, cost-effectiveness), the new luminaires have a perfect ergonomic design, elegant appearance, reliable and safe construction as well as high performance. The diffuser, as in previous models, is made of high-quality Samsung lighting acrylic.
The luminaires have a fully enclosed metal frame with all necessary electrical cable outlets and fixing cables. The luminaires will be available in all basic colors and also in wood grain.
Standard luminaire lengths are 600 mm, 1200 mm, 2400 mm. In addition, thanks to special connectors, the luminaires can be combined into one continuous line of any length.
High power efficiency
The high power efficiency of KRAFT InterioLed means that these luminaires use the minimum amount of electricity to produce bright and high-quality light. This reduces power consumption and saves on power bills, while at the same time reducing the negative impact on the environment.
Design possibilities
In order to help the designers was formed *ies-file  with photometric data of the luminaire. This format is supported by most professional computer design programs (DIALux, Relux, Lightscape, Blender, 3D Studio Max, 3D Studio Viz, CINEMA 4D, etc.) in which lighting fixtures are used.
Compatibility with Smart Home system
The KRAFT InterioLed lamp driver is compatible with the Smart Home system using the Zigbee protocol.

Interactive 3D model of the KRAFT Led lamps

KRAFT Led T-15
KRAFT Led T-24
KRAFT Led G-24
KRAFT Led G-15

Technical characteristics of KRAFT LED lightning system

The KRAFT LED lighting system was patented and protected by copyright laws. To avoid fakes, all of our products feature the KRAFT logo.
The  LED lighting system KRAFT LED uses components from leading manufacturers. The package includes a driver and a choice of either 2 LED lamps with a length of 600 mm or one lamp with a length of 1200 mm. Also, some models of lamps have a length of 1800, 2400 or 3600 mm.
Set 2 х 600 mm х 15 mm
Set 2 х 600 mm х 24 mm
fully insulated IP20 metal case
Safety glass
lighting acrylic Samsung
Content of harmful substances according to RoHS
does not contain harmful substances according to RoHS
Model: SMD 2835-12C7B. Number of LEDs: 2x84 pcs.
Colour temperature
4633 К
4637 К
Light flow
2565 Lm
2812 Lm
Color rendering index, Ra
83,4 Ra
83,8 Ra
Luminous efficiency
93,3 Lm/W
103,4 Lm/W
Scattering angle
27,5 W
27,2 W
Input range stresses
200–240 V, 50/60 Hz
Withstands input voltage fluctuations
up to 300 V
Output current stabilization
Ripple factor
less 1%
Short circuit and overvoltage protection
Power factor, cos φ
Electrical safety class
* Specifications are indicated for a set of luminaires 1x1200 mm, or 2x600 mm. For the remaining lengths of the luminaires, the characteristics are calculated proportionally
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