Cassettes and panels for suspended ceilings

/ Ceiling plates, panels, cassettes

Metal cassettes, acoustic panels for T-grid system

Ceilings on T-profiles consist of two main parts - a supporting structure made of T-profiles KRAFT Nova or KRAFT Fortis and ceiling plates (panels, cassettes), which are installed in this structure.
You can use plates made of any material: plasterboard, mineral, metal, glass, mirror, wood, etc., or GLK grillato cassettes. The KRAFT company produces two types of ceiling panels on T-profiles: metal cassettes and KRAFT Wood Acoustic wood-based acoustic panels. It should be noted that KRAFT Wood Acoustic panels have other options for use (on walls, partitions, islands, etc.). In addition to acoustic properties, they have good thermal insulation qualities.

All suspended ceilings by KRAFT are certified.
Manufacturer of suspended ceilings