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Everything should be perfect in a beauty salon - even a suspended ceiling (+8 photos)

Everything should be perfect in a beauty salon - even a suspended ceiling (+8 photos)

An excellent design solution from KRAFT for a false ceiling in a beauty salon - open cell ceiling in combination with a linear strip ceiling.

We are sure that an owner of a beauty salon or any owner wants the salon to look beautiful and modern, but at the same time cozy and unusual. After all, visitors spend quite a long time in the salon, so they should be comfortable. And interior design plays an important role in this.

In this case, thanks to the open space, it was possible to come up with some interesting solution with a suspended ceiling - the area of ​​​​the room allows you to experiment. Therefore, we decided on the option of a two-tier ceiling.

The upper tier is a solid array of cassette open cell ceiling grilyato GLK 15/15 in dark brown. This choice is due, firstly, to the requirements of fire safety. Since the system is mounted on KRAFT Fortis T-profiles, all profiles are equipped with a fire compensator, which prevents the ceiling from collapsing quickly in case of fire. And the open cell ceiling structure itself does not interfere with the removal of smoke and the operation of fire-fighting systems. Secondly, the open cell ceiling grilyato GLK consists of separate cassettes, so when servicing communications behind the ceiling, it is not necessary to disassemble a significant part of the suspended ceiling - just remove a separate cassette in the right place.

The second tier of the suspended ceiling is more decorative - it is a linear strip ceiling with cube-shaped rail 35x105 mm with a light brown wood texture. The linear strip ceiling is located at an angle of 45 degrees to the plane of the open cell ceiling grilyato. In addition, the columns in the room are lined with a lath with individual fastenings.

In general, it can be seen that the design of the room is carefully thought out down to the smallest detail, and the suspended ceiling made of open cell ceiling grilyato and linear strip ceiling with cubic-shaped rail has become a real place for the designer to express himself. Inspiration to you!

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