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7 Principles of an ideal lighting system

Why did a suspended ceiling manufacturer decide to make luminaires? Lighting system manufacturers offer a fairly large range of fixtures. This is a good, high-quality product, but ... Who understands the specifics of suspended ceilings better than their manufacturer? In the course of communication with architects, builders, customers, we began to understand what qualities they would like to see in the lighting system installed along with the suspended ceiling. After analyzing the information, we came up with the concept of the "ideal" lamp, which should meet the requirements outlined below.

According to these principles, the development and testing of the KRAFT Led lighting system was carried out for five years. At the end of 2017, we launched the production of the third generation of KRAFT Led luminaires, which fully meets the above requirements.

All suspended ceilings by KRAFT are certified.




The lamp should be light, for installation directly on the suspended ceiling.
Reasoning: the suspended ceiling is designed to withstand only the weight of its own structure. According to European standards, a lamp weighing more than 250 g must have a separate suspension.
Advantage: savings on the purchase of additional hangers. Saving man-hours for installation of additional hangers. It feels especially good on large areas.



The luminaire can be installed on T-grid ceilings system, open cell ceilings grilyato, linear strip ceilings and other types of ceilings.
Reasoning: Some luminaires are only suitable for specific types of suspended ceilings. For example, square raster lamps or LED panels of 600x600 mm are installed in T-grid ceilings system. For open cell ceiling grilyato, spotlights are produced according to the size of the ceiling cell. As a result, for each type of ceiling you need to select a suitable lamp.
Advantage: You can choose any type of suspended ceiling without thinking about how to choose a lighting system. Also, this quality is useful for the modernization of the lighting system in already operated premises.


Place of installation

The luminaire can be placed anywhere in the suspended ceiling.
Reasoning: Many luminaires require special site preparation. You can place the lamps not where you want, but where the parameters of a particular ceiling allow.
Advantage: You can place the luminaire on any ceiling and exactly where you need it.



The luminaire must be economical.
Reasoning: Suspended ceilings are often installed in large rooms with a work schedule of 12 hours a day - shopping malls, shops, office centers, hospitals, schools, etc. In such cases, energy savings are important.



The luminaire must have high technical and light performance.
Reasoning: the performance of the luminaire should be at least on par with the best examples on the market.



The luminaire must be reliable, durable and maintenance free.
Reasoning: Reliability and durability mean reduced costs for replacement and renewal of the lighting system (eg protection against voltage surges, short circuits, etc.). There are also no costs for ongoing maintenance of the fixtures.



The luminaire must be safe.
Reasoning: Luminaires must be safe for both service personnel and visitors. This includes protection against electric shock, no ripple and no stroboscopic effect, no ultraviolet radiation, no harmful substances, etc.
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