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Suspended ceilings in the new design of school canteens: what can be improved?

Suspended ceilings in the new design of school canteens: what can be improved?

KRAFT recommendations: what can be improved in the suspended ceilings of school canteens in compliance with the developed design and within the budget.

In early February 2022, the Ministry of Regional Development approved a manual for designers and architects with uniform design standards for school canteens. In fact, this manual includes not only typical dining room designs, but also recommendations for the modernization and technological equipment of catering units in general. But we, of course, were most interested in the section with new designs. In our opinion, the interiors look very nice and modern. In this material, we will analyze what the pros and cons of the suspended ceilings proposed in the manual can be and what could be improved without going beyond the budget.

The manual offers a choice of 2 design options - more budgetary and more expensive, depending on the materials used.

Design option #1. Budgetary


In this design option, we see an acoustic false ceiling using a T-grid system. The design of the room is made in light colors, so it is possible to use KRAFT Nova or KRAFT Fortis T-grid systems - both suspension systems are available in white. Visualizations use standard white mineral slabs 600x600 mm in size. Such a false ceiling is quite functional, but in our opinion a little "boring" in terms of design. The lighting system uses cube-shaped pendant lights, strikingly similar to the KRAFT K-Led lighting system. Of course, this is a coincidence :), but the coincidence is quite natural - there are certain trends that the KRAFT Led lighting system corresponds to. Similar interiors with suspended ceilings based on KRAFT Fortis and KRAFT Led lighting systems were also developed by our design department.

What can be improved? The first thing that comes to mind is variations in the size and arrangement of the false ceiling tiles. In addition to mineral tiles 600x600 mm, tiles 1200x600 mm and 1200x1200 mm can be used. There will be no special rise in price, but the appearance greatly benefits due to the fact that the uniformity of the ceiling pattern is violated. By the way, this option was used at Oxbridge International School in Tashkent.

It is worth noting that the KRAFT T-Led system was used as the lighting system at Oxbridge International School. This system is specially designed for T-grid system ceilings. Its cost is lower than the cost of pendant lamps, and installation takes much less time and money - after all, KRAFT T-Led lamps are installed directly instead of a conventional T-profile and do not require separate suspensions.

Secondly, instead of mineral tiles, metal or acoustic panels could be used as inserts into the main array (for example, as in the photo below).

And acoustic panels based on wood fiber can be easily painted in the desired color and thus diversify the design of the suspended ceiling.

Design option #2. More expensive


This design option is certainly more interesting. A combined suspended ceiling is already used here. One part is made of a cube-shaped rail with a wood texture (according to the manual, the columns in the dining room should also be sheathed with wood). On other parts of the ceiling, a system on T-profiles of the KRAFT Fortis type with white expanded metal tiles was used. The plots are separated from each other by a ceiling on a T-profile with mineral tiles. Lighting is also combined: it consists of spotlights (for areas with a T-profile) and KRAFT G-Led type luminaires with installation in the space between the rails.

Any design idea is always an additional cost. In the case of a slatted ceiling, an infinite number of different design ceiling options are possible, but everything will "rest" on the budget. Each design refinement is an additional cost. Such options are great for commercial real estate, and in the school cafeteria, the most concise design will be most suitable. Below are some examples of interiors with similar suspended ceiling solutions that will not affect the final price.

As for the lighting system, the entire range of KRAFT luminaires can be used in this interior: T-Led (for T-grid system ceilings), G-Led (for slatted ceilings) and K-Led (for all types of ceilings). The main advantage of the KRAFT Led lighting system is economy and durability. Moreover, in the manual itself, these aspects are given considerable importance.

For a variety of suspended ceilings without increasing the budget, two options can be offered in this design.

1. Place the cube rail at an angle (see photo below). The angle may not necessarily be sharp, perhaps a perpendicular arrangement of the rail. This technique allows you to slightly dilute the solid array of the suspended ceiling.

You can also use the remarkable ability of slatted cube-shaped ceilings to create certain patterns in places where the slats overlap in one plane (see photo below).

2. Instead of tiles of expanded mesh use open cell ceiling GLK. Open cell ceiling grilyato GLK is a cassette grilyato, which is also mounted on a carrier system of KRAFT Fortis T-profiles. But unlike mesh panels, GLK grilyato suspended ceilings have more design options. For example, you can use cassettes or even individual grilyato guides of any color. In the photo below, the color scheme of the "Day and Night" grilyato, in which the guides are made in different colors.

You can also install grilyato "blinds" - this is a type of grilyato GLK in which the cells are not square, but rectangular in shape.

Summing up

In general, the new design of school canteens turned out to be very balanced, quite concise and taking into account modern trends. But we want to draw your attention to the fact that suspended ceilings are not such a simple design as it might seem at first glance. As you can see, even in a ready-made, typical design, you can bring a little personality.

In fact, there are a lot of nuances that even professionals may not know about. But manufacturers know about them - for example, specialists from KRAFT Deckensysteme Ukraine. We share ideas for the use of various types of suspended ceilings and are always happy to advise on your questions.

Inspiration to you!

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