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Wavy rail suspended ceiling - what you need for the pool! (+6 photos)

Wavy rail suspended ceiling - what you need for the pool! (+6 photos)

The original design of the suspended ceiling from a cube-shaped rail using a flexible traverse.

When suspended ceilings from a cube-shaped rail are installed outdoors or in rooms with high humidity, reasonable questions always arise: "How does a metal rail react to an unfavorable external environment?", "Will a metal ceiling be susceptible to corrosion?", "Why is the suspended ceiling not made of wood instead of metal slats with a wood texture?" Of course, these issues are important, so you will find several articles on our website where they are discussed in detail. And at the end of this article we will briefly answer them. But in this case, I would like to talk about the additional opportunities that a flexible traverse provides designers with in linear strip suspended ceilings.

As you can see in the images, the designers decided to make the ceilings in the pool room in the form of a wave. And in order to emphasize the waves on the ceiling, they are made at different levels. Thanks to this, the suspended ceiling does not merge into a single space, but looks more voluminous. The end of the ceiling is also made rounded, by analogy with a wave rolling on the shore. The color of the cube-shaped rail was also not chosen by chance. The wood-grained rail fits perfectly into the environment, adding softness and naturalness to it. Wood is also used in individual elements of the interior, so the suspended ceiling looks quite organic. In general, a memorable interior has turned out, in which the design idea is clearly visible.

As for the advantages of a metal cube-shaped rail over a wooden one, I would like to draw your attention to several main points:
1. The durability of a metal rail is equal to and even exceeds that of a wooden rail.
2. KRAFT Deckensysteme Ukraine gives a three-year warranty against rust through.
3. The weight of a metal rail is several times less than a wooden one, which simplifies installation.
4. If necessary, the cube-shaped rail is easily dismantled, opening access to communications.
5. You can easily update the interior by simply replacing the rails of one color with another. At the same time, there is no need to change suspensions and traverses.

Well, probably the main argument will be that the KRAFT cube-shaped rail has been used for several years outdoors and in wet rooms, and so far we have not received a single complaint.

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