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Designer rail ceiling in the shopping center "Caravan" (+29 photo + video)

Designer rail ceiling in the shopping center "Caravan" (+29 photo + video)

The uniqueness of the ceilings in the Shopping center "Caravan" - in a stylish design and non-standard engineering solutions.

On the eve of the new year 2020, after the upgrade, one of the oldest shopping and entertainment centers in Kyiv, the Caravan, opened. For KRAFT Deckensysteme, this object has become special for several reasons. Firstly, we highly appreciate the work of architects and designers of the UVT-group company: they managed to create a stylish, bright, modern interior in which KRAFT slat ceilings have become one of the key elements. Secondly, in the process of working on the object, new technological maps, fasteners and other engineering solutions were developed. Thirdly, it turned out to be an excellent test of the readiness of our production to fulfill complex orders. We also thank our partners, the Evrometa company for their direct work on the object. But first things first.


The main motive in the design of the ceilings was a two-level design of cube shaped rail of 35x105 mm in size. The levels are perpendicular to each other. The upper level consists of white rods and performs practical functions - it hides communications, and also serves as a kind of background for the lower tier. The lower level is made for decorative purposes - the slats are painted in bright colors, contrasting favorably with the white background. The "chaotic" arrangement of elements in the lower tier creates the illusion of movement and adds dynamics to the entire interior. At some locations, together with a 35 × 105 mm rail, a 210 mm high rail was used.

To finish the perimeter of the corridors and some locations, a 88 mm wide rail was also used. Moreover, this array of slats is located below the main ceiling and adds volume to the room.

An interesting design solution using a ceiling rail can be seen in the food court area. It housed lamps of the original semicircular shape. Therefore, the designers repeated the patterns on the ceiling, using a partial overlap of the rails.

A two-level construction is also installed in the area of ​​the rollerdrome, but the top-level rail is painted black. Due to this, it is practically invisible, and all attention is focused on the green rail of the second tier.


The multi-level configuration of the ceiling made us break our brains in finding a solution for optimizing load-bearing elements. Specialists of KRAFT and UVT-group, especially for the Caravan shopping center, developed special fastening systems for such a suspended ceiling. This system greatly facilitated installation work and increased the strength of the entire structure.


The manufacture and assembly of ceilings for the SEC "Caravan" was an excellent test of the readiness of KRAFT production to perform complex tasks. To expedite installation work, cutting the rails into the required sizes was also carried out at the production site. This approach significantly accelerated the installation process and avoided unnecessary joints. The specification contained more than 2 thousand sizes in the range from 0.3 to 6 m. Taking into account various types and colors, more than 20 thousand pieces of rails were supplied, as well as all the necessary accessories (plugs, connectors, etc.).

Some statistics:
- Lead time: 24 business days
- The total length of the rail: about 60 thousand linear meters
- The total length of the traverse: more than 15 thousand linear meters
- More than 26 tons of metal processed
- Number of colors of staff: 12
- Total number of products: more than 20 thousand pieces.

Linear strip ceiling with cube-shaped rail have unlimited potential for use in design projects. And the SEC "Caravan" is a vivid confirmation of this. And we, at KRAFT, are always open to unusual solutions and experiments!

The upper level of the ceiling contrasts with the lower multi-colored rails.

Corridor perimeter framing is made of 88 mm wide rail.

The second tier of the rack ceiling in combination with lamps creates the illusion of movement.

At different locations, slats of various colors and shades are used. Here is white, gray, black.

At some locations, the second ceiling level is implemented using a 210 mm high rail.

In the food court area on the ceiling you can see patterns formed by the overlapping of rails.

At the rollerdrome, the upper level of the rails is painted black and almost invisible.

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