FAQ: linear strip ceiling

/ FAQ: linear strip ceiling

KRAFT linear strip suspended ceilings - rail types, material, weight, cost, lighting, equipment, where to see

1. What types of linear strip ceiling do you make? What kind of ceilings can be bought from you? Do you sell a cube-shaped ceiling? Are you making a screen ceiling? What is the difference between a cube-shaped rail and a plate-shaped rail?
The company KRAFT Deckensysteme Ukraine manufactures two types of linear strip ceiling - from cube-shaped and plate-shaped rail. The cube-shaped rail has a U-shaped profile in cross-section. The plate-shaped rail has an L-shaped profile. Both types of rails are mounted on the KRAFT universal traverse with a step of 52 mm, which is attached to the main ceiling. The width of the KRAFT cube rail is 35 mm or 88 mm, the height is 35-105 mm. The height of the plate rail is 100 mm. A suspended ceiling made of a cube-shaped rail is called a cube-shaped or cubic ceiling. A suspended ceiling made of a plate rail is called a screen ceiling or a rail ceiling of the "blind" type.
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