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Open cell ceiling: classic, pyramidal and cassette grilyato GLK

Open cell ceiling grilyato is a suspended ceiling that has a lattice structure. Such a ceiling is transparent, although it perfectly closes the communications that are behind the ceiling from view. Grilyato is a latticed suspended ceiling. Such ceilings are increasingly seen in shops, shopping centers, offices and other commercial real estate and public spaces.

The popularity of the open cell ceilings grilyato is due to objective reasons:

1. Easy installation and maintenance. This is especially true for large rooms.
2. High performance characteristics - resistance to the negative influence of the environment allows you to use the grilyato even on the street.
3. Fire safety class A1 - non combustible.
4. The open cell construction on the one hand hides the ceiling space, and on the other hand it provides free access to all engineering communications. In addition, this design does not interfere with fire safety systems and facilitates the rapid removal of smoke in the event of a fire.
5. The open cell ceiling grilyato in the interior looks monolithic. And due to the low weight of the elements, the sagging of the ceiling is excluded.
6. Grilyato give a wide scope for creativity and design. A variety of cell size and more than 500 colors on the RAL scale allow creating custom solutions for any premises.

All suspended ceilings by KRAFT are certified.

Main characteristics of open cell suspended ceilings grilyato

The company Kraft Dekensystem produces the following models of open cell ceilings grilyato: classic grilyato, pyramidal grilyato, as well as types of grilyato ceilings of the cassette type (GLK). Also, on the basis of all types of grilyato, we can offer a modification of grilyato "blinds" with rectangular cells.
Shape and dimensions of guides
Classic open cell ceiling
Pyramidal open cell ceiling
Cassette open cell ceiling GLK
General information
The classic KRAFT open cell ceiling is a self-supporting structure made of U-shaped guides with a width of 9 mm, which are connected to each other with the help of special stamped locks. The structure is attached to the main ceiling on special hangers.
The construction of the pyramid open cell ceiling does not differ from the classic one. But Y-shaped guides cover more floor space with the same cell dimensions, which saves metal. The KRAFT company is the only producer of pyramid open cell ceiling in Ukraine.
The open cell GLK ceiling is mounted on a classic frame from the Fortis T-15 profile. But instead of plates, open cell GLK cassettes are installed in the supporting frame. The KRAFT company produces two modifications of the open cell ceilings GLK: 15/15 and 15/10 (the difference is explained later on the page).
Profile shape and size
Cell sizes, mm
50х50, 60х60, 75х75, 86х86, 100х100, 120х120, 150х150, 200х200
75х75, 86х86, 100х100, 120х120, 150х150, 200х200
50х50, 60х60, 75х75, 86х86, 100х100, 120х120, 150х150, 200х200
Basic colors: RAL 9003 (white), RAL 9005 (black), RAL 9006 (metallic grey), RAL 7024 (graphite grey), RAL 8017 (chocolate). Can be painted in any color according to the RAL scale. Also you can order open cell ceilings with high-quality imitation of wood texture.
galvanized steel with polymer coating
Fire safety
class A1 - non-flammable
Supporting system
KRAFT Fortis T-15 profiles
Installation scheme
Grilyato 3D structure
3 years
3 years
3 years
3D-модель будови грильято
Класичний грильято
Пірамідальний грильято
Грильято GLK

Basic colors of the open cell ceiling grilyato KRAFT

Basic colors of the KRAFT open cell ceiling: RAL 9003 (white), RAL 9005 (black), RAL 9006 (metallic grey), RAL 7024 (graphite grey), RAL 8017 (chocolate). Can be painted in any color according to the RAL scale.
RAL 9003 (white)
RAL 9005 (black)
RAL 9006 (metallic grey)
RAL 7024 (graphite grey)
RAL 8017 (chocolate)
Kraft wood - imitation of wood texture
You can order KRAFT Deckensysteme products with high-quality imitation of wood texture. Wood always looks great in the interior and gives the room a feeling of warmth and comfort. In addition, we can offer other natural textures such as stone or metal.
Nut Kariny

Dimensions of KRAFT grilyato cells

Standard cell sizes of KRAFT open cell ceilings, mm: 50x50, 60x60, 75x75, 86x86, 100x100, 120x120, 150x150, 200x200. It is not recommended to use 50x50 mm and 60x60 mm cells for pyramid open cell ceilings, because the cassette is difficult to assemble. The size of the cell is calculated according to the central axes, without taking into account the thickness of the guides.
Cell sizes of classic grilyato
Cell sizes of pyramidal grilyato
Cell sizes of grilyato GLK

The difference between the grilyato GLK 15/15 and GLK 15/10

Grilyato GLK 15/15
The GLK 15/15 cassette has a framing profile. The thickness of the grilyato profile and the Fortis T-profiles is 15 mm.
Grilyato GLK 15/10
The GLK 15/10 cassette does not have a framing profile. The thickness of the grilyato profile is 10 mm, the thickness of the Fortis T-profiles is 15 mm. In fact, the GLK 15/10 grilyato is a classic grilyato installed on a supporting structure from T-profiles. To install grilyato GLK 15/10, you need to cut off the rail locks.

Open cell ceiling blinds

Open cell ceiling blinds is one of the varieties of open cell ceiling. The cells in open cell ceiling blinds are not square, but rectangular in shape. This effect is achieved due to the omission of individual profiles in the general array.

The effect of blinds can be achieved with any type of KRAFT open cell ceiling - classic, pyramidal, GLK. But the best results are achieved when using the open cell ceiling GLK (modular system), because the supporting frame of T-profiles provides the necessary strength. In addition to the original appearance, the saving of materials compared to the usual open cell ceiling reaches 16%.

Transparency and effective viewing angle for open cell ceilings grilyato

The transparency of different types of open cell ceiling, depending on the size of the cell, affects the capabilities of ventilation, air conditioning, fire extinguishing, etc. systems.
An effective viewing angle allows you to choose the right type of open cell ceiling and the size of the cell for your room.
Recommendations for the use of open cell ceiling depending on the size of the room and the height of the ceilings
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