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Cube-shaped rail ceilings KRAFT in a prestigious residential complex in Romania (before and after photos)

Cube-shaped rail ceilings KRAFT in a prestigious residential complex in Romania (before and after photos)

Gratitude from the customer and the main advantages of the KRAFT cube-shaped ceiling for apartments and private houses.

A small introduction

This project is interesting for several reasons. First, we received high-quality feedback and appreciation from our new partners. Secondly, the facility is located in an EU country, which once again proves the quality of our products. Thirdly, our slatted ceilings are installed directly in apartments, while 90% of our products are installed in commercial premises. And fourthly, the apartments in this house are designed for wealthy people: the house was built with the most modern technologies, including the "smart home" system, and the cost of 1 sq. m is 3500-4000 EURO. This also underlines the compliance of KRAFT suspended ceilings with the highest European standards. But first things first.

Description of the object

Residential complex Herculane-1 is located in Cluj-Napoca. It is the second largest city in Romania after the capital. An interesting fact - Cluj-Napoca is the unofficial capital of the world-famous Transylvania. As for the house itself, there are 30 two-room, 18 three-room, 4 four-room apartments and a penthouse on the top floor. The total living area of ​​the house is more than 4 thousand square meters. m.

According to engineer Vitaly Gorchag, a representative of the developer company SC "Duncan Invest" SRL, "... this house was originally designed and subsequently built from high-quality, expensive materials and equipped with modern technologies, such as the "smart home" system.... < > ... As a result, 1 sq. m of the area of ​​the apartment is 3500-4000 euros for sale".

Why choose Kraft сube-shaped rail for suspended ceiling?

Vitaly Gorchag: "In a residential building under construction for 50 apartments in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, each apartment is equipped with an air conditioning system, the in-house device of which is mounted on the ceiling in the hallway. In order to maintain access to this device, for further periodic maintenance, we needed an easily dismantled ceiling that would also have an aesthetically pleasing look. Based on the above, we chose the said KRAFT ceiling and, in our opinion, we did not make a mistake with this choice. "

Feedback from the developer after installing the kraft cube-shaped ceiling at the facility

A small digression. According to statistics, only 3% of satisfied customers write reviews. But the more valuable such reviews! And we are pleased to present the feedback of our Romanian colleagues.

Vitaly Gorchag: "The goods turned out to be of high quality, easy to assemble and have a beautiful view. We must also take into account that as a result of the signed contract, despite the martial law in Ukraine, you delivered the goods to us as soon as possible, without any damage, which helped us start installation on schedule I am sending you several photos with a general view of the house, as well as with ceilings before and after the installation of the rails".

The main advantages of installing Kraft suspended ceilings in private housing

Despite the popular belief that false ceilings are designed exclusively for offices and shops, this example refutes this assertion. This is especially true for cube-shaped suspended ceilings.

The main advantages of the cube-shaped rack ceiling Kraft:

1. Design. On our site you will find a large number of interesting design solutions with a cube-shaped rail. And this is only a small part of the possibilities.
2. Aesthetic appearance in any interior. The KRAFT Cube Rail Suspended Ceiling is a versatile ceiling that goes well with any interior design.
3. Simplicity and speed of installation. Slatted ceilings are easy to install even on your own. And a professional team can mount ceilings even in a large apartment in just one day.
4. Installation without "wet" work. Installation of rack ceilings can be carried out at any stage of repair, even at the very end.
5. Does not require modification of the main ceiling. One of the main purposes of a suspended ceiling is to hide defects in the main ceiling.
6. Hides communications. Any communications, air ducts, wiring, etc. can be placed behind a slatted suspended ceiling. - the ceiling will reliably hide them from your eyes.
7. Easy dismantling. The cube-shaped rack ceiling can be easily dismantled if necessary to maintain communications.
8. Does not require maintenance.

As you can see, KRAFT cube rail suspended ceilings are the perfect solution for private home interiors. 

Inspiration to you!

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