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Multi-level suspended ceiling with mirror inserts (+9 photo)

Designer suspended ceiling with plate-shaped rail combined with traditional materials in the interior of a restaurant.

The approach to the design of this restaurant somehow reminded me of the magnificent film "The Fifth Element", in which the elements of the four elements were combined by the fifth element. Four elements: stone is “earth”, mirror is “air”, flowing fabric is “water”, wood is “fire”. All of them are united by the fifth element - metal, or rather the KRAFT metal slat ceiling, which covers all the space in the room. Out of modesty :) we will not call the plate-shaped rail ceiling a "perfect being" because it is not a "creature".

Seriously, the interior of this restaurant used several interesting design techniques for a false ceiling.

Firstly, the suspended ceiling is made of a plate-shaped rail (the so-called "screen ceiling") - a relatively new product on the Ukrainian market. Such a ceiling provides ventilation and smoke removal even better than a cube-shaped rail - there are more air gaps between adjacent elements. A visual overlap of the ceiling space provides an L- or Z-shaped bend of the end of the rail.

Secondly, in some rooms of the room a rack ceiling is combined with mirror "windows". This technique looks spectacular and diversifies the design of the room.

Thirdly, the multi-level design of the suspended ceiling. This design is made exclusively for design purposes - it does not affect the functional characteristics of the ceiling. Several tiers of different lengths, located one above the other give a sense of volume. Green backlighting on the bar creates interesting color effects - it seems that the slats are painted with gradient transitions. And most importantly, in technical terms, the installation of such a multi-tiered ceiling is not at all complicated.

We hope that you liked our new example of using the KRAFT screen ceiling in interior design, and you will find design solutions for your ceiling. Inspiration to you!

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