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Design ideas, realized projects, interviews with professionals, ratings, tips on choosing ceilings

Ideas for design

In this section, you will find various design solutions for KRAFT suspended ceilings in the interior, developed by our design department. Any ideas that inspire you can be used in your own projects. Thanks to this, the ceiling in your room will be flawless and unique! Also in this section we publish descriptions, photo and video reports of interesting objects with KRAFT suspended ceilings.

Interviews with professionals

In this section, we communicate with our partners who are professionals both in construction in general and specifically in the segment of suspended ceilings. They share their experience in the sale and installation of KRAFT suspended ceilings. You can learn about the workings of companies from the inside from their owners and top managers. Interesting cases, notable objects, market analysis, installation features and many other important information.

Tips for choosing suspended ceilings

In this section, you will find recommendations from KRAFT specialists regarding the selection of suspended ceilings for any conditions and parameters. Ratings of suspended ceilings by cost, operating conditions, ease of installation and dismantling, etc. Also, in a special unit, we analyze the most suitable suspended ceilings depending on the purpose of the room. For example, which ceilings are best for a cafe or restaurant, which ceiling to install in a store, which ceiling is suitable for a sports hall or office space. Such a detailed analysis allows you to decide on the necessary suspended ceilings in just a few minutes.
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