Metal plates for T-grid systems

/ Metal cassettes

Metal plates (cassettes) for suspended ceilings on T-profiles

General Information

Metal ceiling plates are designed to be used together with a supporting structure made of KRAFT Fortis T-profiles with a width of 24 mm. Therefore, a suspended ceiling with metal plates (cassettes) is easy to install, does not require regular maintenance, is non-flammable, and non-toxic.
If necessary, individual plates are easily removed, opening access to communications. One of the main advantages of a suspended ceiling made of metal plates is the possibility of their processing and disinfection, which makes it possible to use them in medical facilities.
The recommended lighting system for such a ceiling is KRAFT T-Led T-24, although you can also use KRAFT G-Led.
Like any other KRAFT ceiling solutions, metal cassettes can be combined with other types of suspended ceilings: mineral or acoustic plates, open cell ceilings grilyato, rail ceilings.

All suspended ceilings by KRAFT are certified.

Main characteristics of KRAFT metal ceiling plates

Plate dimensions

600х600 mm


galvanized steel with polymer coating


any color according to the RAL scale

Metal thickness

0,3-0,4 mm

Plate height

5 mm

Ceiling frame

profile system KRAFT Fortis T-24 (width 24 mm)

Lighting system


Fire safety

class A1 - non-flammable


3 years

Manufacturer of suspended ceilings