Ceiling rating by ease of installation

/ Rating of suspended ceilings by ease of installation

Recommendations for choosing a suspended ceiling for ease of installation and dismantling

What type of suspended ceiling is the fastest to mount? What is the easiest suspended ceiling to dismantle to get to the communications? What suspended ceiling can be dismantled, and then re-mounted without affecting the appearance? The answers to these and other questions are below.

Why do we need such a rating? If most of the ceiling-mounted communications pass only over several sections of the room, then it makes sense to consider the option with a combined suspended ceiling. Firstly, any combined ceiling is already a design decision. Therefore, it will look more impressive than standard systems. Secondly, in the part of the room that requires constant access, you can install a ceiling that is easily disassembled and assembled. And you will have easy access to communications. However, it should be noted that such decisions are thought out even at the stage of design and development.

Installation features depending on the type of suspended ceiling

The initial installation phase is the same for all types of suspended ceilings. The first stage is marking the level of the suspended ceiling, installing the wall L-profile, marking and mounting the suspensions. And then some differences begin.
Ceiling on T-profiles grid system with plates
A distinctive feature of this category is the supporting system of T-grid system into which the tiles are inserted. Tiles can be of different types: mineral, acoustic, metal, expanded metal, mirror and others. After the suspensions are installed, the T-profiles are mounted. Further, ceiling tiles are embedded in the construction of T-grid system. Standard tiles sizes: 600x600 mm or 1200x600 mm.

Difficulty of installation / dismantling
Installation: easy
Dismantling: easy
Probability of damage during disassembly: low
Open cell ceiling on T-grid system with GLK cassettes
Open cell ceiling grilyato GLK is a special cassette (modular) grilyato system for use in T-grid system ceilings. Just as in the ceiling with tiles, T-profiles are mounted on suspensions already installed. Then you need to assemble the cassettes of open cell grilyato GLK and then insert them into the structure of the T-profiles.

Difficulty of installation / dismantling
Installation: average
Dismantling: easy
Probability of damage during disassembly: low
Open cell ceiling classic or pyramidal grilyato
The main grilyato guides 2400 mm and 600 mm are mounted on the installed suspensions. Next, open cell ceiling classic or pyramidal grilyato cassettes are assembled and installed in the supporting structure from the main guides. At the same time, each guide cassette has its own locks, which should fall into the corresponding grooves on the main guides. The smaller the size of the grilyato cell, the more guides in the cartridge and the more locks you need to snap into place.

Difficulty of installation / dismantling
Installation: difficult
Dismantling: difficult
Probability of damage during disassembly: average
Linear strip ceilings: cubic- and plate-shaped rail
In the linear strip ceilings, a suspension traverse is mounted on the suspensions. Then the rail is mounted - it is necessary to press it with a little effort to the traverse lock until it clicks. The number of locks on one rail depends on its length - on average, the distance between the traverses is 1000 mm.

Difficulty of installation / dismantling
Installation: average
Dismantling: average
Probability of damage during disassembly: below average

Peculiarities of dismantling individual sections of the suspended ceiling

Dismantling of individual sections of the suspended ceiling is required to service or replace communications located behind the ceiling.

The simplest ceiling construction for dismantling are T-grid system ceilings. In such a ceiling, it is enough to remove the open cell grilyato GLK from the supporting structure of the plates or cassette and access to communications is open.

Dismantling the linear strip ceilings is also not a difficult operation. It is necessary to slightly expand the rail in the castle area and it can be easily removed.

The open cell ceiling classic and pyramidal grilyato need to be dismantled very carefully, in order not to bend the profile locks. The greatest difficulty is the relatively large number of locks in the structure, so proceed with caution.

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