Lighting calculation and installation of KRAFT Led

/ Calculation and installation

Recommendations for calculating and installing the KRAFT Led lighting system

We produce three types of KRAFT LED luminaires - T-LED, G-LED and K-Led. T-LED is used for standard suspended ceilings with a T-grid ceiling system of profiles T-15 or T-24. G-LED is used for grilyato, slats and other types of suspended ceilings. K-LED are universal fixtures for all types of ceilings (not only suspended).
Technological map of installation of the lighting system KRAFT Led (RU)
1. G-LED 24 mm wide on the rail. 2. G-LED 15 mm wide on griglyato. 3. T-LED on profile Т-24. 4. T-LED on profile Т-15.
K-Led lamps are full-fledged lamps based on a cube-shaped rail

Interactive 3D models of KRAFT Led lamps

KRAFT Led T-15
KRAFT Led T-24
KRAFT Led G-24
KRAFT Led G-15

Calculation and installation of the KRAFT Led lighting system


Lighting calculation
In the "Dialux" program, we determine the optimal number and placement of lamps. If you do not have the opportunity to calculate the lighting in the program, then you should proceed from approximate values: one set of KRAFT LED lamps is designed to illuminate 8-10 square meters. m of premises with a height of 3.5 m and an area of up to 20 square meters. m and 10-12 square meters. m premises with an area of more than 20 square meters. m. In this case, evenly distribute the lamps throughout the room.

In the "Dialux" program or on the room plan, we indicate the location of the lamps. We will use this scheme during the installation process.


T-Led installation
LED profile T-LED is mounted in the desired location of the suspended ceiling design instead of the standard T-profile 600 or 1200 mm.
Wires for connection have already been put into the ceiling area. It remains only to connect the kit to the driver.


G-Led installation
To install the G-LED profile, first mark its position on the structure. If necessary, drill holes for the output of wires. Then remove the red protective strip from the back side of the profile, take the wires out into the ceiling area and glue the profile to the surface of the open cell grilyato profile or rail.


K-Led installation
The K-Led lamp driver is hidden directly inside the rail. Thanks to the new type of mounting, such lamps can be mounted either directly to the ceiling or on any hangers, including their own wires.


Driver connection
After the LED profiles are installed, we connect them to the power supply according to the wiring diagram. Drivers can be placed at any distance from the luminaires and carried to a convenient or specially designed place.
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