Selection for special operating conditions

/ Use in wet rooms, on the street and facades

Recommendations for choosing suspended ceilings for non-standard operating conditions

What suspended ceilings can be installed in rooms with high humidity? Is it possible to install accessories for ceilings on the walls of buildings or on building facades? Can I install a suspended ceiling on the street? Which suspended ceiling to choose if good acoustics are required?

We answer these and other questions in detail.

KRAFT suspended ceiling for rooms with a high level of humidity

We are often asked the question - is it possible to use a suspended ceilings KRAFT in a pool or other room with a high level of humidity up to RH 90%? Yes, most of KRAFT suspended ceilings can be installed in such rooms. The only point is that it is undesirable to use ceilings on T-grid systeme with mineral tiles. The other types of KRAFT suspended ceilings - all types of linear strip ceilings, all types of open cell ceilings grilyato, ceilings with a T-grid systeme with metal tiles - can be installed in rooms with a hight level of humidity, and metal ceilings are more practical than wooden ones.
Open cell ceiling grilyato GLK KRAFT in the pool area

The main question when installing metal suspended ceilings in rooms with a high level of humidity is whether the corrosion will appear? All KRAFT ceilings are made of galvanized steel with a polymer coating on the outside. If during installation the protective coating is not damaged, then such a ceiling will last you a very long time. Our company gives a 3-year guarantee for the absence of through corrosion. But in fact, the service life can reach 8-10 years without loss of appearance and performance.

Also, for rooms with humidity up to RH 100%, two-sided polymer painting is possible. This option virtually eliminates the appearance of corrosion, but increases the cost of production.

Conclusion: in rooms with high humidity, you can use any suspended ceilings KRAFT. For ceilings on the T-grid system, it is recommended to use metal plates or cassettes.

KRAFT cube-shaped rail on the ceiling and walls in the pool room

Kraft outdoor suspended ceilings

Is it possible to install KRAFT suspended ceilings outdoors - after all, on the street they are exposed to adverse environmental influences?

In general, there are no contraindications for installing KRAFT suspended ceilings on the street. In our practice, there were enough objects on which the ceiling was installed outdoors as a decoration. These are summer terraces, canopies and peaks, open passages between buildings, etc. The most popular outdoor installations are linear strip ceilings and open cell ceilings grilyato.
Open cell ceiling classic grilyato KRAFT on the summer terrace of service station Vianor

However, there are a number of certain factors that should be addressed:
- Corrosion. The likelihood of corrosion in this case is even less than when installed in rooms with a high level of humidity.
- Wind load. Initially, the design of suspended ceilings involves easy dismantling, so the locks are not designed for high loads. Use stiffer fasteners.

Conclusion: for the decoration of the ceilings of street objects, you can use linear strip ceilings, as well as all types of open cell ceilings grilyato. Consider possible wind load.

Use of Kraft linear strip ceiling with cube-shaped rail for facing walls of a room or a building facade

Can we use our cube-shaped rail on the facade? Is it possible to decorate with a rail not only the ceiling, but also the walls of the room? We are contacted with such questions several times a month. There are practically no restrictions for wall mounting. And for installation on the facade, several points should be taken into account - it all depends on the operating conditions.

Firstly, regarding the fastening. It must be borne in mind that our rail is a decorative material. Therefore, if negligent, it can be damaged by any heavy and hard objects. That means it is not anti-vandal.

The direction of the rail on the wall or facade also matters. With a vertical arrangement, the rail will hold perfectly and not sag. With a horizontal arrangement, it is better not to use a rail higher than 35 mm.

Cube-shaped rail KRAFT on the ceiling and walls of the cafe

It should also be borne in mind that the mount is designed so that the rail can be easily mounted/removed on the ceiling. Therefore, it is easily removed. In the event that the building facade is under strong wind load, more rigid fasteners should be used.

Secondly, when placed on the facade, there is no need to worry about rust - we use galvanized steel with a polymer coating on the outer surface. Guarantee for through corrosion - 3 years. We have experience using our products outdoors.

Conclusion: the use of a cubic-shaped rail on the walls will not cause any problems either with the installation or during operation. When installing a cubic rail on the facade of buildings, the wind load should be taken into account.

KRAFT cube-shaped rail on the facade of a private house

Kraft suspended ceilings for rooms with high acoustic requirements

What is an acoustic suspended ceiling? An acoustic ceiling dampens unwanted acoustic effects such as echo and reverb, absorbing them and converting them into thermal energy. There are a number of rooms in which, for one reason or another, acoustic ceilings are required. Conventionally, such rooms can be divided into 2 groups: rooms with poor acoustics and rooms with normal acoustics, but requiring improvement..

The first group includes gyms, hangars, warehouses, assembly halls and other rooms with a large area and high ceilings. In such rooms, acoustics initially leaves much to be desired - every step or knock echoes throughout the room.

The second group includes such rooms as meeting rooms, conference rooms, classrooms, cinemas, restaurants, shops, offices and other similar premises. In such rooms, the acoustics are at a normal level, but in some cases it is necessary to improve the acoustic component to create a more comfortable atmosphere.

KRAFT Fortis T-Profile grid system acoustic ceiling in kindergarten

From the entire line of KRAFT suspended ceilings, T-profile grid system of ceilings - KRAFT Fortis or KRAFT Nova can be used as acoustic ceilings. Linear strip ceiling and all types of open cell ceiling grilyato are made of metal, and the metal reflects sound waves. Mineral or based on wood fiber tiles can be used . All tiles for suspended ceilings have their own acoustic performance, so you can easily pick up a tiles with the desired level of sound insulation.

Conclusion: for rooms with increased acoustic requirements, a suspended ceiling on a KRAFT Fortis or KRAFT Nova T-grid systeme with mineral or wood fiber plates is suitable.

Acoustic islands based on KRAFT Fortis T-grid system in an office
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