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Complete professional solutions for suspended ceilings

KRAFT Deckensysteme offers complete solutions for suspended ceiling systems - several types of T-profile grid system, open cell ceiling classic and pyramidal grilyato, cassette (modular) open cell system grilyato GLK, linear strip ceilings based on cube-shaped and plate-shaped rail, LED lamps KRAFT LED, metal ceiling plates, a complete set of components for installation of suspended ceilings of all types.

Open cell ceilings grilyato

Open cell ceiling grilyato is a suspended ceiling that has a lattice structure. The KRAFT grilyato range includes the classic grilyato, the pyramidal grilyato and the GLK cassette grilyato, as well as some derivative types of grilyato (for example, the "blind" grilyato). The types of grilyato differ in the shape of the guides, the method of installation, and the cost.

Cube-shaped rail

The cube-shaped rail has a U-shaped profile in section. The width of the rail can be 35 mm or 88 mm, height 35-105 mm, length up to 6 m. The cube rail is mounted on the KRAFT universal traverse. Individual mounting brackets and mounting on a flexible traverse are also available for the cube rail. In addition to ceilings, the cube rail can also be used on walls and facades.

Plate-shaped rail

A suspended ceiling made of a plate rail consists of vertical plates mounted on a support traverse. The plate rail is available in L and Z-shaped end bend configurations.

T-grid ceilings system

KRAFT Dekensystem produces several models of T-profiles. The main profiles are NOVA and FORTIS. The width of the visible part of the profile is 24 mm or 15 mm. Among themselves, the models differ in operational characteristics and cost. All models are fully compatible with each other.

KRAFT Led lighting system

The economical KRAFT LED lighting system is designed for any type of suspended ceiling. The luminaires are maintenance-free, have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours and are absolutely safe. Depending on the type of suspended ceiling, we offer two main types of luminaires: T-Led and G-Led.

Design solutions for suspended ceilings

KRAFT suspended ceilings provide unlimited possibilities for design solutions for any interior. On our website, you will find conceptual designs of interiors made by the KRAFT design department, which you can use in your projects.

Metal cassettes

KRAFT metal plates are used with the KRAFT Fortis T-profile suspension system.

Acoustic panels

KRAFT WoodAcoustic wood-based acoustic panels are eco-friendly solutions for both heat and sound insulation.

Metal mesh panels and islands

KRAFT Mesh Canopy panels are made of two types: from a cut-and-pull mesh or a welded mesh. The panels can be placed both horizontally and vertically..
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