Suspended ceiling with cube-shaped rail

/ Cube-shaped rail

New ideas in the design of suspended ceilings

Ceilings with a cube-shaped rail have all the advantages of classic suspended ceilings, such as ceilings on T-profiles and open cell ceilings. Such a ceiling is easy to mount, does not require maintenance, provides easy access to the floor space and masks communications. Railed ceilings are fire-safe and do not interfere with the operation of fire extinguishing and ventilation systems.

A cube-shaped rail allows you to significantly lengthen or expand any room. Thanks to the assortment of sizes and a wide palette of colors, a huge number of original design solutions can be created with the help of the KRAFT cube-shaped rail. Among other things, individual mounts and mounts on a flexible traverse are available for the cube-shaped rail, which makes it possible to place the rail along a curved trajectory.

The cube-shaped rail can be used not only in suspended ceilings, but also on the walls of rooms and facades of buildings. The manufacturer's guarantee for through corrosion is 3 years.

Rail ceilings can be installed in any public premises: shops, shopping centers, railway stations, airports, schools, hospitals, catering establishments, hotels, educational institutions, offices, etc.

The main characteristics of the KRAFT cube-shaped rail

Width / height
Basic colors of the KRAFT cube rail: RAL 9003 (white), RAL 9005 (black), RAL 9006 (metallic grey), RAL 7024 (graphite grey), RAL 8017 (chocolate). Can be painted in any color according to the RAL scale. Also you can order cube-shaped rail with high-quality imitation of wood texture.
Rail step
a multiple of 52 mm
galvanized steel with polymer coating
Fire safety
class A1 - non-flammable
3 years

Basic colors of the KRAFT cube-shaped rail

Basic colors of the KRAFT cube rail: RAL 9003 (white), RAL 9005 (black), RAL 9006 (metallic grey), RAL 7024 (graphite grey), RAL 8017 (chocolate). Can be painted in any color according to the RAL scale.
RAL 9003 (white)
RAL 9005 (black)
RAL 9006 (metallic grey)
RAL 7024 (graphite grey)
RAL 8017 (chocolate)
Kraft wood - imitation of wood texture
You can order KRAFT Deckensysteme products with high-quality imitation of wood texture. Wood always looks great in the interior and gives the room a feeling of warmth and comfort. In addition, we can offer other natural textures such as stone or metal.
Nut Kariny

Additional accessories for KRAFT cube-shaped suspended ceilings

KRAFT cubic suspended ceilings can be equipped with additional options. The first group of components (various connectors and plugs) can be used both in standard and designer ceilings. The second group of components includes a flexible traverse and a single mounting for the rail, which will significantly expand the possibilities of using the cube-shaped rail in designer interiors.
Connectors and plugs for cubic-shaped rail
Connecting element for the cube-shaped Kraft rail
Connecting element
As a rule, a rail is used for installation with a length of up to 4 m. Therefore, if the length of the ceiling is large, it is necessary to use connectors for the rails. They give the suspended ceiling the necessary rigidity and solidity.
End cap for Kraft cube-shaped rail
End cap
If the linear strip suspended ceiling is a free-hanging construction and the wall profile is not used for design, then the end of the rails must be closed with special plugs. The plugs are fixed to the rail using double-sided tape.
Flexible traverse for cube-shaped rail
With the flexible traverse, you can now position the rail along a curved path, and this feature allows you to significantly expand the design possibilities in linear strip ceilings. The flexible traverse KRAFT is a load-bearing structure and is fixed to the ceiling using standard hangers. The traverse easily bends by hand and keeps its shape perfectly.
The process of bending a flexible traverse KRAFT for a rail ceiling and installing a rail on a bent beam
Single traverse for cube-shaped rail (individual mounting)

With the new fastening, the possibilities of using a cube-shaped rail are significantly expanding.

A new universal mount for a cubic-shaped rail was developed by our design bureau at the end of 2018. From 2019, we started to produce them.

We produce rails of two widths: 35 and 88 mm. The fastener is suitable for both types of rails - its size is 35x88 mm, therefore, depending on the orientation of the fastener (horizontal or vertical), you can install a rail of the desired width on it.

This mount has several advantages compared to the mount on the traverse:
  • you can place the rail anywhere on the ceiling or wall;
  • there is no need to be limited by the traverse plane - it is possible to install the rails at different angles to each other;
  • you are not “tied” to the traverse module - any step of the rails is possible;
  • saving of free space - no suspensions and traverse are required;
  • neat appearance;
  • additional opportunities to create designer ceilings.
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