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An extraordinary design solution with a volumetric slatted suspended ceiling (+13 photos)

An extraordinary design solution with a volumetric slatted suspended ceiling (+13 photos)

A photo report from the Chagari restaurant is a vivid illustration of how to create memorable interiors of banquet halls with the help of a suspended ceiling from a cube-shaped rail.

It is well known that the level of competition in the hotel and restaurant business is very high. What tricks do restaurateurs resort to in order to detach themselves from their fellows in the shop. One of the techniques is to surprise your guests with an original interior. This is exactly what was done in the restaurant and hotel complex Chagari near Lviv during the reconstruction of the restaurant's premises.

The reconstruction was carried out in two rooms - a restaurant and a banquet hall. Depending on the purpose of the room, a design concept was also developed, including the design of suspended ceilings. In both rooms, volumetric structures of KRAFT cube-shaped rails ceilings are used. This effect is achieved by using the KRAFT cube-shaped rails of different heights. The height difference of the ceiling rail can be up to 70 mm - KRAFT produces a rail with a height of 35 mm to 105 mm.

Banquet hall: two-level cube-shaped rail with a circular design

The light interior, combined with the white cube-shaped suspended ceiling, creates a feeling of lightness and airiness of the room. In the center of the ceiling there is a special round structure, which is decorated according to the event being held. On the rest of the ceiling there is a KRAFT rail 35 mm high and 104 mm pitch. This arrangement maintains the overall color tone of the room, but, due to the gaps between the slats, does not appear sterile white.

A designer find is that the shape and volume of the suspended ceiling is given by protruding circles from the 105 mm high slats. Technically, this is a simple but effective trick. The pitch of the KRAFT universal traverse for fastening slatted ceilings is 52 mm. The main array of the slatted ceiling is mounted with a step of 104 mm, and in the intervals between the main slats, additional ones are mounted. As a result, a slatted ceiling is obtained with a pitch of 52 mm and alternating slats of different heights.

Cutting a cube-shaped lath for such decorative ceiling elements can be ordered at the factory (if you have a project and you know the exact amount of lath in the right dimensions). You can also cut the rail directly during installation by placing waste for cutting in the order.

As you can see, such a design solution for a slatted suspended ceiling is quite easy to implement in practice.

Restaurant: cuboid ceiling in two colors and sizes

The main hall of the restaurant also uses a suspended ceiling made of KRAFT cube-shaped rails, but in a slightly different way than in the banquet hall. The photo shows that the suspended ceiling does not occupy the entire space, but only the central part. And in this part, they decided to make not a standard array of a rails ceiling, but to give it expressiveness. This was achieved in two ways. First, a rail was used in two colors. Secondly, to add volume to the ceiling, just like in the banquet hall, a rail of various heights was used. As a result, the result is a ceiling with "ordered chaos", on which the visitor will certainly stop his attention and remember.


Based on this example, two main conclusions can be drawn.
1. The cube rail is literally made for design solutions. A huge number of design options can be brought to life due to various combinations of color, height, width, pitch, relative position and other factors. Moreover, most of the options do not require complex engineering solutions. It all depends only on your imagination!
2. Whatever design solutions are used for a slatted ceiling, this does not in any way affect its functional characteristics. Such a ceiling perfectly hides communications, while at the same time provides easy access to the ceiling space.

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