Acoustic panels KRAFT ArtAcoustic

/ Noise-absorbing PANELS with individual DESIGN

Stylish design and acoustic comfort for your premises

The KRAFT ArtAcoustic acoustic panels combine aesthetics and functionality. KRAFT Deckensysteme offers the application of any patterns and colors to KRAFT WoodAcoustic acoustic panels, allowing the realization of various creative ideas.

Features of KRAFT ArtAcoustic acoustic panels:

  1. Personalization. The ability to create a unique interior through individual design and a wide range of colors.

  2. Acoustic Efficiency. The primary function of the panels is to improve the acoustic characteristics of a space, eliminating echoes, reducing reverberation time, and lowering the noise level in the room.

  3. Variety of Sizes. KRAFT ArtAcoustic acoustic panels are manufactured in any size, from standard (multiples of 600 mm) to sizes tailored to the specific project. The maximum size of one panel is 1200x600 mm. If needed, panels can be combined to create larger configurations.

  4. Interior Use. KRAFT ArtAcoustic panels can be used on both walls and ceilings, either as individual units or integrated into a seamless array with standard KRAFT WoodAcoustic panels.

  5. Easy Installation. Panels can be mounted on the wall using adhesive or screws. For ceilings, a supporting structure with KRAFT Fortis profiles is utilized.

  6. Environmental Friendliness. Due to their natural components, KRAFT ArtAcoustic acoustic panels are environmentally friendly and do not harm the surroundings.

The acoustic panels KRAFT ArtAcoustic are used for:

  • Offices and business spaces - provide comfortable working conditions by improving the acoustics of the office space and giving it a stylish look.
  • Restaurants and cafes - create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort by controlling sound waves and adding originality to the design.
  • Hotels and lobbies - enhance the level of sound comfort for guests and create a pleasant atmosphere in common areas.
  • Residential spaces - used for acoustical treatment in private houses or apartments, giving them a unique style.
  • Cultural and entertainment venues - ensure high-level acoustics in theaters, cinemas, or museums, reducing sound reverberation and reflections.
  • Medical institutions - create a calm and comfortable environment for patients in hospitals and clinics in common areas.
  • Educational institutions - provide optimal conditions for learning and working in classrooms, reducing noise levels.
  • Recording studios - KRAFT ArtAcoustic panels are an ideal solution for recording studios as they help avoid unnecessary reverberations and other acoustic obstacles that can affect recording quality.
  • Home theaters - when used on walls and ceilings, ArtAcoustic panels improve sound quality and create ideal conditions for watching movies in a home theater.

Thanks to the ability to be used on both walls and ceilings, KRAFT ArtAcoustic panels allow for the creation of acoustic comfort and stylish design in any space, regardless of its purpose.

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