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System solutions of suspended ceilings

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Suspended ceilings of the year 2020-2022

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    System solutions of suspended ceilings
    Easy choice - perfect result
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    Design solutions for suspended ceilings
    Emphasize your individuality
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    Suspended ceilings of the year 2020-2022
    Ukrainian manufacturer
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    The best world technologies
    European quality

/ Our products

KRAFT – suspended ceilings for any interior


Cube-shaped rail

The cube-shaped rail is in the greatest demand among those who need a modern and attractive suspended ceiling. Due to the large number of combinations of colors and sizes, the cube-shaped ceiling is a leader among designer interiors.


Plate-shaped rail

A suspended ceiling using a plate-shaped rail is also called "screen ceiling". It has great potential for design. Structurally, the ceiling consists of vertical plates fixed on a supporting traverse, which ensures easy installation of the ceiling and lighting.


T-grid system

The frame of the suspended ceiling (600x600 mm, 1200x600 mm or 1200x1200 mm) is assembled from T-profiles, into which either plates (plasterboard, mineral, metal, glass, mirror, wood, etc.) or metal cassettes of open cell ceiling GLK are mounted.


Open cell ceiling

Grilyato is open cell suspended ceiling with a structure in the form of a grid. The KRAFT company produces several types of grilyato: classic, pyramidal, cassette grilyato GLK, grilyato "blinds" and some of their modifications.  This easy-to-install and safe suspended ceiling is most commonly used in commercial spaces.


KRAFT Led lighting

Innovative KRAFT LED lamps were created by KRAFT specialists specifically for suspended ceilings of any type. We produce three main types of lamps: T-Led for T-grid ceiling systems, G-Led for open cell and rail ceilings, K-Led - full-fledged lamps based on a cubic rail for any ceilings.


Design ideas

KRAFT suspended ceilings provide unlimited possibilities for design solutions for any interior. the KRAFT design department is constantly developing new ideas for the design of suspended ceilings that you can use. We offer not just individual products - we offer ready-made professional solutions of ceiling systems.


Designer developments and realized objects

/ Our advantages

Why are KRAFT suspended ceilings is the best choice?

KRAFT Deckensysteme Ukraine is a leading manufacturing company in the market of suspended ceilings in Ukraine. Our products are widely used both in Ukraine and abroad.
For the third year in a row, the company KRAFT Deckensysteme Ukraine confirms the quality of its products by receiving the award "Suspended Ceilings of the Year" 2020-2022 based on the results of the popular vote "Ukrainian People's Award".
The main thing for us is the quality and safety of our products, than KRAFT suspended ceilings undergo several stages of quality control in production, and, at the initiative of the company, optional certification in Ukraine and the EU.
Надійність, безпечність

01Reliability, safety

Proven raw materials and modern equipment are a guarantee of reliability and safety
We are use proven raw materials that we purchase directly from manufacturers. The equipment on which KRAFT suspended ceilings are manufactured is constantly modernized by the company's own specialists, taking into account modern requirements.
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Визнана якість

02Recognized quality

Popular recognition of quality
In 2022, the company KRAFT Deckensysteme Ukraine won for the third time in a row in the nomination "Suspended ceilings of the year" according to the results of the popular vote "Ukrainian People's Prize". Customer recognition is the best indicator of the quality of our products.
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Гарантія та сертифікати

03Warranty and certificates

European quality and manufacturer's warranty
We produce high-quality products of the European level, therefore all our products have been tested and have the appropriate certificates of Ukraine and the European Union (EU).
The manufacturer's warranty for all suspended ceilings and the KRAFT Led lighting system is 3 years.
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Дизайн та іновації

04Design and innovation

We monitor modern trends and implement innovative solutions
Our design department closely monitors the new products on the suspended ceiling market, and presents creative developments for the use of KRAFT products in modern interiors. And innovative solutions from the design department help our customers implement the design of suspended ceilings on real objects.
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Багаторічний досвід

05Many years of experience

Experience of personnel as a guarantee of product quality
Key specialists have been working in the company since its inception. In many aspects of production, their experience is the best guarantee of high quality products. The qualifications of KRAFT specialists were evaluated by the developers of the national standard for suspended ceilings, and in 2021 they were involved in the development of the DSTU standard "Steel products for suspended ceilings of buildings and structures. Specifications".
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Реальні проекти

06Real projects

1500+ completed projects with KRAFT suspended ceilings every year - customers choose quality
The company KRAFT Deckensysteme Ukraine actively works both on the domestic market and on export. The distribution network in Ukraine includes more than 150 companies, including chain of construction hypermarkets "Epicentr". We also export suspended ceilings to such countries as Germany, France, Poland, Romania, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Algeria, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc.
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/ Opinions of professionals

The most promising suspended ceilings in your opinion

"...now people prefer designer solutions, rail ceilings, combinations of different types of ceilings..."

Maxim Mitsynskyi
Founder and director of Grilyato LLC, Kyiv

"Undoubtedly, the most promising ceiling is a cubic-shape rail. I also see a good prospect in the GLK open cell ceiling..."

Oleg Chaban
Founder and director of TOP Acoustic LLC, Kyiv

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