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How the height of ceilings affects the comfort and performance of staff: practical recommendations (+ 9 photos)

How the height of ceilings affects the comfort and performance of staff: practical recommendations (+ 9 photos)

How to create the desired office work environment by combining different types of false ceilings? Let's take an example.


We took a room on the top floor of an office building as a basis - it has large windows and high ceilings. Let's imagine that this room will house an average open-type office with average office workers. Our task is to create a comfortable working atmosphere in the office for employees and guests, as well as to stimulate employees to complete current tasks.


Experts identify several factors that drive employee productivity.


In rooms with high ceilings, one of the annoying and distracting factors is sound effects such as echo and reverberation. To create a comfortable office environment, it is necessary to provide acoustic comfort.


High ceilings in the room increase the amount of oxygen per employee and improve air circulation. This in turn ensures the well-being of employees and reduces the risk of infectious diseases.

Vision hygiene is also directly related to the height of the room. With higher ceilings, the lighting devices are located at a comfortable level, the light is more diffused and reflected. This leads to a decrease in the tension of the nervous system and the preservation of efficiency.


The so-called "cathedral effect" is associated with the influence of the height of the ceiling in a room on cognitive processes in humans. In a room with high ceilings, a person begins to gravitate towards using the possibilities of his creative, abstract thinking. He easily incorporates the imagination and creativity of his nature.

In a room with a low ceiling (it says "cathedral effect"), a person thinks concretely, down-to-earth, focuses not on the whole, but on trifles and details, is inclined not to synthesis, but to analysis, can perform minor labor operations, including his own - pedantry and pointed attention to the nuances.


In this room, several ideas have been implemented at once that increase labor productivity. Therefore, to solve specific problems, several types of suspended ceilings were used at different levels.


Not all photos are clearly visible, but the suspended ceiling on the KRAFT Fortis T-profile with acoustic tiles occupies the entire room. It is located 6 m from the floor. The T-profile and tiles are painted black, and the lighting is much lower, so the ceiling is practically invisible at this height. But it perfectly fulfills its function - it dampens echo and reverberation, creating acoustic comfort in the room.

A suspended ceiling on a T-profile is opaque, unlike other types of suspended ceilings. But due to the height of the location, a sufficient amount of air circulates in the office, and the ventilation is placed below the level of the acoustic ceiling.

A corridor, reception and resting areas are located along the inner radius of the premises. The ceiling above these zones reaches 6 meters, so staying in this zone gives a little respite, switching the employee's brain activity.

But, as mentioned earlier, high ceilings are good for creativity and abstraction, but what about employees doing routine office work? For this, a second tier of false ceilings was installed in the working area.


The working area in the office is located along the outer radius of the room. Also in the outer radius there are several open meeting / break rooms. These rooms are intended for creative work, therefore, according to the "cathedral effect", the second level of ceilings was not installed above them and the height of the ceilings in these rooms reaches 6 meters.

The rest of the work area is intended for ordinary employees engaged in daily work that requires concentration on details. Therefore, a screen ceiling made of a KRAFT plate strip was installed here. The ceiling is located at a fairly comfortable height from the floor - about 3 meters. Such a ceiling height does not allow a person to delve into "high matter", but at the same time does not cause him to feel oppressed.

The lamellar strip is located parallel to the work tables, so it perfectly hides communications and does not impede the circulation of fresh air. To illuminate the working surface, KRAFT G-Led lamps are used, combining efficiency and excellent light characteristics.


In the dining area there is also a second level of false ceilings, but not slatted ceilings, but made of pyramidal open cell ceiling KRAFT. The ceiling height is the same as in the working area, although there is one nuance. The level of overlap of the ceiling space of the pyramidal grilyato is higher than that of other types of suspended ceilings (classic grilyato, grilyato GLK, cube-shaped or plate shaped rail ceilings). Therefore, the ceiling itself visually looks more massive than the slatted suspended ceiling in the working area. Thanks to this, after a certain time, a person begins to experience slight discomfort from being in such a room and does not sit in it for a long time. It should be borne in mind that if you raise such a ceiling by 50-100 cm, then this effect disappears and the ceiling from the pyramidal grilyato looks light and transparent.


Modern psychology deals with a wide range of studies that find their practical application in everyday life. Using the example of organizing the workspace in the office, we have demonstrated that correctly selected and positioned false ceilings are of great importance in improving working conditions and motivating employees.

Inspiration to you!

The ceiling height above the meeting room in the center reaches 6 meters
High ceilings and diffused lighting above the seating area
The reception and corridor are located in the high ceiling area
The pyramidal grilyato in the dining area, due to its low height, looks more massive than the linear strip ceiling
The pyramidal grilyato, located at a height of 3 meters, creates a slight discomfort and does not allow employees to "sit up"
The plate-shaped rail in the working area is parallel to the tables
The 3-meter screen ceiling does not cause discomfort, but forces employees to concentrate on the tasks at hand

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