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Cubic rail concentric circles on the ceiling? Nothing complicated! (+4 photo)

Cubic rail concentric circles on the ceiling? Nothing complicated! (+4 photo)

Thanks to the unusual solution with round lamps and a rail ceiling, a rectangular room is visually perceived as round.

What ceilings could be offered for this room? T-profile? Open cell ceiling? A little tinkering with the installation of the columns, but in general - an open room of the correct form without complex trimming and adjustments. But the easiest way, as a rule, leads to standard results - another faceless, unforgettable cafe. Such an option would surely suit the installers, but not the designer.

In order to make a pattern on the ceiling using the cube-shaped KRAFT Cube rail, the principle of pixel graphics is used. Nearby, you can clearly see the individual "squares", but from a distance, individual pixels fold into smooth bends. As for the ceiling, you can only look close up with your head back up. And with a standard angle of view of a person (up to 15 degrees), you see a smooth geometric pattern.

As for the convenience of installation, if you have drawings, then the rails can be cut into the required dimensions at the factory. The installers will only have to correctly position the suspensions and traverses and immediately proceed with the installation of the rail ceiling.

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