Design ideas for ceilings

We mount the ceiling rail along a curved path

Introducing flexible traverse for cube-shaped rail that significantly expands the design possibilities for slatted ceilings.

The general view of the supporting structure can be seen in the drawings below. The girder bends easily by hand without much effort. Of course, the girder can be bent "by eye" or "by feel," but it's better to use a template (such as plywood). In the bent state, the girder holds its shape excellently and does not straighten out. The installation technology is generally the same as when installing a regular ceiling with with a cube-shaped rail.

Shown below is the use of a flexible traverse with a KRAFT cube rail in the interior. The ceiling in the central room of the cafe is made in the form of waves. In the side rooms, the entrance arches and walls are completely decorated with battens. The bending radius on the ceiling are 2900 mm and 600 mm, on the walls and in the arch - 900 mm and 2000 mm.

Move on to a 360 ° 3D tour or photographs to get a better look at the decoration and design of the room and the false ceiling in particular. Do you want such a ceiling? This will be possible very soon. Inspiration to you!

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