Design ideas for ceilings

Two options for the design of a rail under the tree-like ceiling - which one to choose?

In the first version, a ceiling rail in two heights is used, and in the second - a rail of the same height.

In the store’s premises, on the ceiling and one of the walls, a steel cube rail with a wood texture was designed. The choice of a metal rail rather than a wooden one was due to the fact that the steel rail is more practical in operation, and also meets the fire safety requirements. There was no disagreement with the choice of material and color of the suspended ceiling. The design decision on the location of individual sections of the rail at an angle of 45 degrees to the main array was also made with a bang - the interior immediately gained personality. And then the process stalled a bit - because the ceilings from the rail, with all the apparent simplicity, have great variability. In this case, two ceiling design options were proposed.

In the first version (photo on the left) a cubic rail with a height of 35 mm and 105 mm was used. The KRAFT Led lighting system was installed on a 35 mm rail, so the placement of the ceiling lights turned out to be half-hidden. This means that in the off state the lamps are practically not visible, and when turned on, they give more diffused light. In the second version, a rail with a height of 45 mm was used with the installation of KRAFT Led fixtures directly on the rail. Both options have a “right to life" - one cannot say that one of them is better or worse - they are simply different.

And which option would you choose?

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