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Ibis Kyiv City Center Hotel - stylish ceiling as an element of image (+9 photo)

Our partners, the company "Top Acoustic", completed a rather interesting object - a floor with conference rooms at the Ibis Kyiv City Center hotel.

Using this object as an example, you can once again make sure that when you choose the ceiling responsibly, the result exceeds expectations. On the 16th floor of the Ibis Kyiv City Center hotel there is a business zone - conference rooms, meeting rooms, lounges, etc. The general design of the rooms is designed in a fairly simple style. But even in such cases, a true designer will leave his signature stroke, distinguishing this room from a string of monotonous conference rooms with an "office" design. And the most logical place to express your personality is the ceiling!

Three types of KRAFT products were used at the Ibis Kyiv City Center hotel - a T-profile for rooms with an acoustic stove and KRAFT T-Led lamps, as well as a rail ceiling as a decorative design.

In the meeting rooms, a cube-shaped KRAFT rail is installed as a decorative ceiling. The rack ceiling is made of black rail with a size of 35x105 mm. Pieces of slats of various lengths give the impression of "chaos", due to which the monotony of the "hospital room" is absent in the ceilings. And these are the same design “touches” that are easy to implement using KRAFT ceilings.

The hall is a crowded place with a lot of traffic, especially when it has a minibar with a coffee machine. Therefore, a ceiling with a design of KRAFT Fortis T-profiles and acoustic plates with a size of 1200x600 mm was chosen for the hall. The color of the visible part of the T-profile is matched to the color of the ceiling panels. In lighting, preference was given to KRAFT T-Led fixtures with a length of 600 mm and a width of 24 mm, which are installed in place of the usual KRAFT Fortis T-profiles and have excellent luminous flux and efficiency.

We are sure that visitors to the Ibis Kyiv City Center Hotel will like this ceiling design! And our company will be inspired by such elegant solutions using our products.

We are grateful to Top Acoustic company for the provided photos.

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