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The new KRAFT catalog of suspended ceilings is now available on our website

The new KRAFT catalog of suspended ceilings is now available on our website
In addition to proven Kraft products, the catalog includes new products of 2024: diagonal open cell ceiling, KRAFT InterioLED luminaires, KRAFT WoodAcoustic panels, KRAFT Mesh Canopy panels and automated client platform Onliner 2.0.

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The new catalog contains 136 pages of up-to-date information on the entire line of Kraft suspended ceilings, along with examples of their use in interior design.
Table of contents of the catalog:
  • Comparative specifications of the main types of KRAFT suspended ceilings
  • About KRAFT
  • NOVELTY! Platform for distribution of KRAFT products: Onliner 2.0
  • Our projects
  • T-shaped profiles
  • KRAFT Led lighting system
  • NOVELTY! KRAFT InterioLED lamp
  • Open cell ceiling
  • NOVELTY! Triangle open cell ceiling
  • Cube-shaped rail
  • Plate-shaped rail
  • KRAFT Metal plates
  • KRAFT WoodAcoustic acoustic panels
  • NOVELTY! KRAFT Mesh Canopy panels
  • Design solutions for suspended ceilings
  • Additional links: certifications and social media

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