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New Article: Cube-shaped rail in a hotel interior is much more than it seems

New Article: Cube-shaped rail in a hotel interior is much more than it seems
The interior of this hotel will impress everyone with its scope from the first sight. Huge areas and high ceilings create a feeling of spaciousness and magnificence. However, the distinction of our project is the use of a cube-shaped rail that turns static areas into dynamic and visually appealing spaces.

In fact, it was taken a closer look at two separate spaces: the hotel lobby and the restaurant.The transition between them is so smooth that you don't even notice it. Despite the common style, each of these locations retains its own unique individuality with the help of KRAFT Cube-shaped rail suspended ceiling.

So what's the secret of creating an unforgettable hotel interior?

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KRAFT cube-shaped rail in a hotel lobby: the static becomes dynamic

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