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New project: KRAFT designer rail ceiling in Lake Plaza shopping center

New project: KRAFT designer rail ceiling in Lake Plaza shopping center
The interior of the LAKE PLAZA shopping center is a symbiosis of functionality and design. Creative ideas of designers put into the realization of "Kraft" suspended ceilings created a stylish and cozy space for visitors.

KRAFT suspended ceilings in white and turquoise were used in the LAKE PLAZA shopping center. The white rails of the suspended ceiling were chosen as the base rails - it adds volume and optically enlarges the space. The accent rails in turquoise enliven and support the overall color scheme of the premise. In addition, using the color of the ceiling rails in the interior, individual zones were distinguished - the white rails were installed mainly in the central passageway with shopping galleries, and the turquoise rails were installed in the area of stairs and elevators.

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Рейкова підвісна стеля KRAFT двох кольорів в інтер'єрі торгівельного центру

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