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KRAFT Led lamps in medical facilities: military hospital

KRAFT Led lamps in medical facilities: military hospital

The KRAFT Led lighting system was installed in the operating rooms of a military hospital in Kyiv along Novogospitalnaya Street.

In the Department of Cardiac and Vascular Surgery, the KRAFT Led lighting system was mounted on the already finished ceiling from the T-profile. The bulk of the fixtures belongs to the G-24 series with a length of 600 mm - they were fixed directly to the T-profile with double-sided tape. For brighter illumination of the working area, in the center of the operating room, additional luminaires of the KRAFT K-Led series were installed - based on a cube-shaped 35 × 35 mm rail of white color 1200 mm long.

Recall that KRAFT Led luminaires are characterized by efficiency and high performance. They are suitable for all types of suspended ceilings, and can also be used as independent lamps.

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