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Discover the new generation of KRAFT luminaires - KRAFT InterioLed!

Discover the new generation of KRAFT luminaires - KRAFT InterioLed!
In an effort to provide its customers with the best, most innovative solutions, the KRAFT design department has developed a new type of luminaire - KRAFT InterioLed. InterioLed is a logical evolution of KRAFT Led lighting systems, which keep all the advantages of KRAFT Led lighting systems (technical and light characteristics, efficiency).
The new luminaires have a perfect ergonomic design, elegant appearance, reliable and safe construction, as well as high performance characteristics. The diffuser, as in the previous models, is made of high-quality Samsung lighting acrylic.

Designed to fit harmoniously into any interior, KRAFT InterioLed luminaires perfectly combine practicality and functionality. The luminaires have a fully enclosed metal housing with all the necessary electrical cable outlets and mounting cables.

An important aspect of the KRAFT InterioLed series is its adaptability. Available in standard lengths of 600 mm, 1200 mm and 2400 mm, these luminaires can be seamlessly integrated into any interior. Furthermore, thanks to the special connectors that allow several luminaires to be connected in a continuous line of any length, the possibilities for use are virtually endless.

The availability of KRAFT InterioLed will be announced later.

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