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Entrance lobbies and awnings made of cube-shaped rails using examples of real objects (+11 photos)

Entrance lobbies and awnings made of cube-shaped rails using examples of real objects (+11 photos)

Nowadays, you will not surprise anyone with a rack suspended ceiling, therefore in this article we will consider the non-obvious use of a cube-shaped rail.

Entrance lobbies, awnings, canopies perform several functions. The practical purpose is to protect visitors from bad weather: they make it possible to fold the umbrella in the rain, shelter from the snow, the scorching sun and other vagaries of nature. The second purpose of the entrance groups is decorative. After all, the entrance is the "face" of the room, and the proverb "clothes make the man..." is also relevant in our time. The general view of the exterior of the building forms a first impression on the visitor and sets him a certain mood.

The KRAFT cube-shaped rail is made of high-quality steel with a polymer coating. And this is its main advantage over slatted ceilings made of wood, aluminum or other materials. KRAFT cuboid slatted ceilings:
- resistant to adverse environmental influences;
- not subject to corrosion (provided that the polymer coating layer is intact);
- well, without deformations and distortions, keep their shape;
- allow you to place a lighting and / or video surveillance system;
- reliably hide and protect communications;
- provide easy access to the space behind the ceiling for preventive and repair measures;
- warranty against perforating corrosion - 3 years, real service life of 10 years or more.

KRAFT Deckensysteme Ukraine became the winner of the "Ukrainian People's Award" competition in the category "Suspended ceilings of the year" 2020-2022. And the confirmation of the high quality of our products is the fact that KRAFT cube-shaped suspended ceilings as a decoration for entrance groups and awnings are installed and successfully operate at many objects in Ukraine and abroad.

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