Metal mesh panels and islands


Mesh panels and cassettes KRAFT Mesh Canopy for suspended ceilings, islands and partitions

In the world of modern interior design and architecture, mesh panels are becoming an increasingly popular solution for ceilings, islands and partitions. They not only add airiness and style to the space, but also provide functionality in any room, building or office.

The main advantages of KRAFT Mesh Canopy panels:
  • Hide communications.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Used either as islands or easily assembled into large structures.
  • Possibility of placement of main or decorative lighting.
  • Fireproof - do not burn, do not interfere with the removal of combustion products.
  • They do not interfere with ventilation and natural light.
  • The panels can be placed both horizontally and vertically.
  • They can be painted in any color according to the RAL scale.
  • They have a modern and stylish look.

Main characteristics of Kraft Mesh Canopy panels

Basic dimensions, material and pattern

Standard panel sizes:
600×600 mm or 1200×600 mm.
Possibility to produce panels according to individual sizes.

Material: cut-and-draw mesh, welded mesh.

Mesh pattern: rhombus or square.

Options for using Kraft Mesh Canopy panels

KRAFT Mesh Canopy panels can be used in:
  • Shopping centers, shops
  • Bars, restaurants, cafes
  • Office premises
  • Sports facilities
  • Industrial premises, warehouses, hangars
  • Swimming pools
and other public places.
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