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23 original ideas for the use of ceiling rails in shopping centers

23 original ideas for the use of ceiling rails in shopping centers

We bring to your attention a selection of ideas for the design of linear strip ceiling. In the selection we used photographs of real objects. Inspirations to you!

We chose the design variants of the ceilings, taking into account that they could be applied in practice using the cube-shaped ceiling rails produced by our company.


In this case, the ceiling rail is used not on the ceiling, but on the walls in order to designate the color accents in a bright room. And the KRAFT Cube can also be ordered with the texture of wood, stone, metal.


The chaotic arrangement of the black bars on the ceiling causes associations with space, and the luminaries impart dynamics and cause the illusion of movement. And the lamps are almost identical to KRAFT Led - with our products such a project is quite possible to realize.


The ceiling is visually divided into squares with a rail located 90 degrees to each other.


The entrance (or passage), which on the subconscious must create a festive mood. Rail is almost invisible due to lighting, but here it is more the basis for the LED strip.


Again, in a bright room, a tree is used, which brings a touch of warmth to the interior.


With the help of rails, the ceiling gained individuality, and at the same time the problem of access to communications in the ceiling area was solved.


And again the tree :) By the way, I want you to pay attention to the joints between the racks. Our production can produce a ceiling rail of any length without joints.


The shape of the rail ceiling repeats the shape of the second light. But the designers did not stop there and at the expense of a different pitch the rails added a peculiar "zest". Not only that it turned out beautifully, but the owners saved the budget a little.


Multilevel ceiling made of wooden rail. KRAFT Cube with the texture of the tree here would also look quite organic.


Another variation of the two-level ceiling. This design gives an additional volume.


An interesting solution with an inclined rail.


Rotation of the rod and grilyato in different colors. In our practice, such solutions have already been encountered.


We do not do figure skating. But only so far :)


And again a certain tendency with light rooms is visible. Rails on the wall.


Different levels, smooth shapes, rail at an angle - and all this in one ceiling.


There was apparently very laborious work for the installers.


Again, a beautiful and practical solution - both in terms of design and accessibility to communications.


They hid the lamp behind the bar - it turned out very original.


Beautiful multi-layer inserts, zoning room.


The rail ceiling was also supported by rails on the walls. And with the help of rails figures depict.


Just like in this example, the cube-shaped rail with polymer-painted is suitable for outdoor installation.


Designers "played around" with the size, pitch and location of the rail - everything seems simple, but very original.


An interesting solution with translucent walls.

We hope that in this collection you have found interesting ideas for the design of suspended ceilings for implementation on your sites!

Photo: on the Internet.

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