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Meet the new product in the Kraft range

Meet the new product in the Kraft range

KRAFT WoodAcoustic panels are ecological solutions for sound and thermal insulation and spectacular design

One of the main advantages of Kraft WoodAcoustic panels is their versatility. With equal success, they can be used in suspended ceilings on T-profiles, for wall cladding, as acoustic partitions or barriers. And thanks to the ease of working with the material and the possibility of painting in any color, such panels are often used for decorative decoration of premises.

Most often, Kraft WoodAcoustic panels come in handy in rooms that have high requirements for acoustics or thermal insulation:
- Shopping centers, shops;
- Bars, restaurants, cafes
- Cinemas, theaters, assembly halls
- Conference halls, meeting rooms
- Educational institutions
- Sports facilities
- In production premises, warehouses, hangars, etc.

Learn more about Kraft WoodAcoustic acoustic panels at the link.

In the photo: Kraft WoodAcoustic acoustic panels in suspended ceilings in Nova Poshta branches. Kraft Led lighting system

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