T-profile for suspended ceilings

T-profile - supporting ceiling structure

T-profile KRAFT Nova (24 mm) - budget KRAFT Fortis T-profile (15 mm, 24 mm) - universal KRAFT HD T-profile (15 mm, 24 mm) - reinforced KRAFT RH100 T-profile (15 mm, 24 mm) - moisture resistant T-profile comparison table

The T-profile is the load-bearing structure of the suspended ceiling. The design is easily assembled by hand and fixed to the ceiling on special suspensions. After that, either the plates (plasterboard, mineral, metal, glass, mirror, wood, etc.) are inserted into the assembled cells of the profile, or metal cassettes of the GLK grillate (for details on metal cassettes grilyato GLK >>>).

KRAFT Deckensysteme produces four models of profiles: FORTIS, NOVA, HD and RH100. The width of the visible part of the profile can be 24 mm (standard) or 15 mm (thin). The models differ in performance and cost. All models are fully compatible with each other.

The structure consists of the following elements:

1. Wall profile. For standard plates, the L-profile (19x24 mm) is used. For slabs with an edge (protruding beyond the profile) - W-profile (20x15x8x15 mm). The wall profile is fixed along the perimeter of the wall.

2. Suspension. Suspensions are height adjustable.
3. The main bearing guide 3600 mm (height 38 mm). This guide creates the main frame and carries the main load.
4. Transverse guide 1200 mm (height 25 mm). Auxiliary guides.
5. Cross guide 600 mm (height 25 mm). Auxiliary guides.

The structure, assembled from T-profiles, is suitable for mounting of ceiling slabs of standard dimensions 600х600 mm, 600х1200 mm and other sizes for cells of multiple 600 mm.
Possible schemes for mounting the T-profile and the consumption of materials per square meter, see link >>>

Comparative table of T-profiles produced by KRAFT Deckensysteme

Compliance with European standards EN 13964:2004+A1:2006 + + + +
Moisture resistance RH 100% 100% 100% 100%
Warranty 3 years 5 years 5 years 5 years
Compatibility with other profiles KRAFT + + + +
Fire compensator + + + +
Fire safety class A1 - non-combustible + + + +
Color Visible Surface   Full
Possible colors RAL 9003 (white) Available in stock color RAL 9003 (white), RAL 9005 (black), RAL 9006 (gray). More than 500 colors on the RAL scale on request.
Coloring with imitation of the texture of wood, metal, stone  + + + +
Anticorrosive coating +
The width of the visible part of the profile is 24 mm (standard) + + + +
The width of the visible part of the profile is 15 mm (thin) + + +
Material (concealed part / visible part) galvanized steel / galvanized steel with polymer coating galvanized steel with polymer coating
The thickness of the metal (hidden part / visible part), mm  0.16 / 0.18  0.27 / 0.25 0.4 / 0.25   0.27 / 0.25
Increased bearing capacity of the structure + + +
Weight, which stands the construction at the weakest point, kg/m2 5 7 12 7
Availability of test reports of bearing capacity + + + +

All production profiles of KRAFT Deckensysteme have additional stiffeners, which provides additional strength under loads. Also, all main guides are equipped with a fire compensator. A special cut compensates for the temperature expansion of the metal during a fire and prevents the ceiling from collapsing.

Standard colors and sizes

The scheme of the KRAFT fire compensator


The original design of the KRAFT profile lock allows you to separate profiles without breaking the lock. Therefore, if necessary, the design can be disassembled and reassembled.


To avoid falsification, a name is stamped on each of the KRAFT production profiles.

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