Profile of Fortis T-15, T-24

KRAFT Fortis - the universal system for suspended ceilings

Profiles for the KRAFT FORTIS suspended ceiling have a higher load-bearing capacity and moisture resistance than NOVA. This is the most popular profile model, because with FORTIS you can solve almost any task of installing suspended ceilings. In this model there are two varieties, which differ in the width of the visible part - T-15 thin (width 15 mm) and T-24 classic (24 mm). The thin profile is suitable for design solutions, as well as for the installation of KRAFT GRILLIATO GLK-15 ceilings.

Profile types, sizes, compatibility
The width of the visible part of the profile is 15 or 24 mm The choice of colors on the RAL scale KRAFT Wood - imitation of the wood texture

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The supporting structure of the T-profile includes the following basic elements:
1. The main T-profile is 3600 mm long.
2. Transverse T-profile with a length of 1200 mm.
3. Longitudinal T-profile with a length of 600 mm.
4. Wall L- or W-profile (depending on the type of plate) with a length of 3000 mm.
5. Spring hanger "butterfly" for fixing the structure to the main ceiling.

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Special design of FORTIS profile locks allows to dismantle the system without damaging the locks - the system can be re-installed Unification of locks and fastening holes in all KRAFT T-profiles (Nova, HD, RH100, Kraft-MED) allows combining profiles from different product lines FORTIS profiles are fully compatible with the KRAFT LED lighting system, which, unlike classic luminaires, does not require additional hangers

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Options for colors and sizes of the KRAFT Fortis profile in the interior

Material, strength, safety
The hidden part of the profile is made of high-quality galvanized steel 0.27 mm thick The visible part of the profile is made of 0.25 mm thick steel with a polymer coating Through the entire length of the profile, additional stiffeners are punched, which increase the strength of the profile

The FORTIS profile can withstand a weight of up to 7 kg / m 2 at the weakest point, which extends its use. The profile corresponds to the European standards EN 13964: 2004 + A1: 2006. The KRAFT system has passed load capacity tests in Ukraine and the European Union, which is confirmed by the relevant protocols.

The moisture resistance of the FORTIS profile is 100% RH.

The main profile length of 3600 mm is equipped with a fire compensator. This is a special vyshtampovka in the profile, which compensates for the thermal expansion of the metal in case of fire and does not allow the ceiling to collapse. FORTIS profiles have an A1 fire class (non-flammable).


We are confident in the quality of our product, therefore we provide a 5-year warranty for FORTIS profiles.

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