Types of lamps and their use - T-Led, G-LED, K-LED

Types and classification of LED lamps KRAFT Led

The KRAFT Led lighting system conventionally consists of two parts - the light source (luminaire) and its mount. Luminaires in all systems are the same. And depending on the type of suspended ceiling, we offer three types of mounting: T-Led, G-Led and K-Led.

Compatibility of KRAFT Led luminaires with various types of ceilings

  Type of suspended ceiling
KRAFT T-Led T-profile suspended ceilings (KRAFT Fortis T-15 and T-24)
- ceilings with mineral plates;
- acoustic ceilings;
- cassette grilyato GLK.

Suspended ceilings grilyato
- classic grilyato
- pyramidal grilyato
- cassette grilyato GLK

Rack ceilings
- ceiling based on cubic rail KRAFT Cube
- screen ceiling based on KRAFT plate slats

KRAFT K-Led Any type of ceiling
Independent lamps based on a cubic rail

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LED Lighting System KRAFT T-Led

In the KRAFT T-Led lighting system, the KRAFT Fortis T-profiles, 15 and 24 mm wide, act as load-bearing elements of the luminaire. Profiles with a semi-circular lens are used with the T-24 system (width 24 mm). Profiles with a rectangular diffuser are designed for use with the T-15 system (width 15 mm). When installing, instead of the usual T-profile, the KRAFT T-Led LED profile is installed in the right place. Luminaire length: 600 mm, 1200 mm. Approximate lighting area for 1 set (2x600 mm or 1x1200 mm): 5-10 sq.m.

Suspended ceiling with KRAFT Led lighting system

Lighting system for false ceilings KRAFT Led

1. 24-mm wide G-LED on a rail. 2. 15-mm wide G-LED on a grilyato. 3. T-LED profile on a T-24 profile. 4. T-LED on a T-15 profile

LED lighting system KRAFT G-Led

KRAFT G-Led luminaires are also available in 15 mm wide (rectangular diffuser) or 24 mm (semi-circular diffuser). They are attached directly to the rail or grilyato profiles using reinforced double-sided tape. It should be borne in mind that before fastening it is necessary to drill holes for the withdrawal of wires. Luminaire length: 600 mm, 1200 mm. Approximate lighting area for 1 set (2x600 mm or 1x1200 mm): 5-10 sq.m.

Grilyato ceiling with KRAFT Led lighting system

Clinic "Gravimed", Kiev. KRAFT LED lighting system

KRAFT K-Led LED Lighting System

This system is a full-fledged fixture based on a cubic rail KRAFT Cube. In this case, the lamp driver is hidden directly inside the rack. Thanks to the new type of mounting, such lamps can be mounted either directly to the ceiling or on any hangers, including their own wires. You can choose any color of the lamp on a scale of RAL, as well as the texture of wood, metal, stone. Luminaire length: 1200 mm, 2400 mm. Approximate lighting area of 1 luminaire 1200 mm: 7-10 sq.m.

Lighting system for all types of ceilings KRAFT Led Lighting system for all types of ceilings KRAFT Led

Suspended ceiling with KRAFT Led lighting system

LED profile KRAFT LED: features and benefits

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