Economical lighting system for suspended ceilings

Innovative LED lights KRAFT LED were created specifically for suspended ceilings. One of the features of KRAFT LED luminaires is that they can be used for any type of suspended ceilings, as well as for the modernization of the lighting system in already operated premises.

Main advantages of KRAFT LED

1. Separate suspensions are not required. As a rule, when the weight of the lamp more than 250 g, it requires a separate suspension. LED profile KRAFT LED is installed on a suspended ceiling without the use of additional components.
2. The ability to install fixtures anywhere in the ceiling.
3. Easy installation. The KRAFT T-LED LED profile is installed in the same way as a standard T-profile. KRAFT G-LED luminaires are easily mounted on grilyato and rail. And KRAFT K-LED lamps can be installed even without fasteners to the ceiling structure.
4. Do not require maintenance. Service life up to 50,000 hours. The parameters of the luminaires are designed in such a way that the LED elements do not overheat. At the same time, the guides of the ceiling structure act as a radiator, dissipating heat into the ceiling-ceiling space.
5. Do not violate the acoustics of ceiling systems. Often in the classic suspended ceilings are used acoustic mineral plates (for example OWA), which are designed to redeem noise. Installing raster fixtures in such ceilings violates the acoustic effect of the use of plates. The KRAFT LED lighting system is mounted directly on the T-profile and does not violate the acoustics of the ceiling.
6. Security. KRAFT LED luminaires do not contain mercury and do not emit ultraviolet light.
7. 3 year warranty.

We produce three types of KRAFT Led luminaires for all types of suspended ceilings. Types of lamps and their application - T-Led, G-LED, K-LED >>>

Clinic "Gravimed", Kiev. KRAFT LED lighting system Design suspended ceilings based on KRAFT ceiling rail Cube with KRAFT Led lighting system

KRAFT LED lamps in the interior >>>

They do not require separate suspensions Can be installed anywhere in the suspended ceiling They do not require maintenance Service life up to 50,000 hours Warranty 3 years Safety: no mercury and UV radiation Payback period up to 1 year (due to energy savings)


KRAFT LED LED profile: features and benefits (short version)  Installation of the KRAFT product exhibition stand KRAFT LED LED profile against a raster luminaire - stroboscopic effect

The KRAFT LED lighting system was patented in Ukraine and abroad and is protected by copyright laws. To avoid fakes, all of our products feature the KRAFT logo.


The KRAFT LED LED lighting system uses components from leading manufacturers such as LG, Samsung, Philips, CREE. The package includes a driver and a choice of either 2 LED lamps with a length of 600 mm or one lamp with a length of 1200 mm. Also, some models of lamps have a length of 1800 or 2400 mm.

Technical characteristics of KRAFT LED profile (for the kit)

Body metal metal
Protective glass acrylic Samsung acrylic Samsung
Does not contain harmful substances according to RoHS + +
Light and electrical characteristics* KRAFT LED KRAFT LED PRO
Number of LEDs 2х84 2х45
Color temperature from 3000 К to 6000 К from 3000 К to 6000 К
Luminous flux 3217 Lm 3453 Lm
Color rendering index, Ra 81,9 83,5
Light output 109,8 Lm/W 118,3 Lm/W
Angle of dispersion 120° 120°
Power 29,3 Вт 29,2 Вт
Input voltage range 200–240 V, 50/60 Hz 180-265 V, 50 Hz
Withstands drop in input voltage up to 300 V 300 V
Stabilization of the output current + +
Ripple coefficient less than 1% less than 1%
Protection against short circuit and overvoltage + +
Fully insulated housing IP20 + +
Power factor, cos 0,99 0,98
Efficiency 90% 92%
Electrical safety class II II

* It is possible to select individual parameters for each individual room


Calculation of lighting and connection scheme KRAFT LED >>>
Installation of KRAFT LED system >>> >>>
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