Comparison of the efficiency of KRAFT Led lamps and LED panels

Analysis of LED test reports and KRAFT LED profile

KRAFT has ordered tests of the KRAFT LED profile and the popular model of LED panels. Tests were carried out by the “Science and Information Center of the Viprobuvan Electric Lamps and Technological Ownership”.
DP "Poltavastandartmetrologіya" ". Test results can be verified by test report number. Test report KRAFT LED 10.1-5880. Test report LED-panel 10.1-4766. 

Below we compare the test results for the main parameters and simulate the calculation of the lighting of a shopping center with an area of ​​1000 m2 (room size is approximately 32x32 m).

LED panel
1. Nominal power, W
27,2 36,6

Rated power of the appliance. Rated power of the appliance. Calculation of total power including active and reactive electricity, see clause 8. 

2. Amperage, A
0,131 0,311

Amperage is used to calculate full power including active and reactive electricity, see clause 8

3. Power factor, cos φ
0,94 0,53

Active power is spent on useful work. Jet electricity is a part of full power that is not spent on useful work. The closer the magnitude cos φ to 1, the better.

4. Light flux, Lm
2812 2064

The higher light flux number the more light you get from lighting device. 

5. Light output, Lm/W
103,4 56,4

Light output is the ratio of the light emitted by the light source to the power consumed by it. It is an indicator of efficiency and economy of light sources.

6. Color temperature, K
4637 7101

The color temperature is responsible for the shade of light. Normally three shades are distinguished: warm (≈2700-3000 K), neutral or white (≈4100 K) and cold (≈ 6500 K).

7. Color transfer index, Ra
83,8 73,7

The higher Ra index, the more natural will look lighted objects. Maximum Ra — 100 (sun). Ra from 70 to 79 is good. Ra from 80 to 89 — very good.

8. Full power taking into account the power factor  cos φ, VА
28,82 68,4

The total power of the lamp is calculated by the formula:
P = UI,
where Р — total power (Вт), U — voltage (В), I — current strength (A). The voltage at test was 220 V. The current strength is subtracted from item 2. For KRAFT LED:
P = 220 × 0,131 = 28,82
For the LED panel:
P = 220 × 0,311 = 68,4

9. Warranty, Years
3 2

The warranty period for KRAFT LED is one and a half times longer.

Comparative calculation illumination of a shopping center with an area of 1000 m2 

To facilitate calculations, we assume that  one KRAFT LED kit is used to illuminate 10 m2 of space. At the same time, we must achieve a certain level of illumination.

1. Quantity of kits KRAFT LED and LED panels for 1000 sqm of area.
100 136

The total light flow of 100 KRAFT LED profiles is:
2812 × 100 = 281 200 Lm
Since the light flux of LED panels is 2064 Lm, then to provide the same level of illumination you will need:
281 200÷ 2064 = 136 pcs.

2. Total expenses for light*
90 500 грн. 67 864 грн.

Retail price of LED panel is 499 UAH. Retails price of KRAFT LED kit is 905 UAH. Then we get following expenses:
100 pcs. × 905 UAH = 90 500 UAH
136 pcs. × 499 UAH = 67 864 UAH

3. Mounting costs
2000 6800 грн.

Estimated cost of LED-panel installation - 50 UAH, KRAFT Led kit - 20 UAH:
136 pcs. × 50 UAH = 6800 UAH
100 pcs. × 20 UAH = 2000 UAH

4. Total
92 500 грн. 74 644 грн.

The difference in cost is about 20%

* Cost as of 2021

1. Total energy consumption per day, kW
32,64 105,75

We take the average lighting time — 12 hours a day.
For profiles KRAFT LED:
27,2 W × 100 pcs. × 12 h = 32 640 W
For LED panels:
68.4 W × 136 pcs. × 12 h = 105 754 W

2. Total electricity consumption per year, kW
11 914 38 599

365 days a year

3. The cost of electricity per year (Ukraine)**
36 338 грн. 117 727 грн.

We calculate the cost based on the tariff of 3,05 UAH/kWh

  +81 389 грн.

Based on the analysis of test reports, the KRAFT Led lighting system is superior in quality. And according to calculations, it pays for its cost in 1-2 years of use due to energy savings.

** Calculations used average market prices as of 2021.

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