Screen ceiling from a plate-like rail

Even more room for a spectacular ceiling design

Suspended ceiling using a flat rail is also called "screen" or "plate". Structurally, the ceiling consists of vertical plates attached to the supporting cross member. The original plate mounting system can significantly reduce installation time, and also provides easy access to communications in the ceiling space.

Advantages of screen ceiling

- Modern design
- Variety of colors and sizes
- Two types of bending of the ends of the rail - L- and Z-
- Multi-level solutions
- Durable and easy installation using the KRAFT universal crosshead
- Fire safety
- Environmental friendliness

Technological map of the installation of the mounting plate

Multi-level solutions and the "chameleon" effect in the design of slatted ceilings

Multi-level solutions with different pitch plates provide unlimited possibilities for design and will give individuality to any room. Using a different configuration of the lower part of the rail, you can achieve interesting lighting solutions when finishing the room. The rays are reflected from the surface of the rail at different angles and due to the play of light and shadow, the impression is that the ceiling is not uniform. When you move the observer, the color scheme of the ceiling changes from light to dark shades, which is how the “chameleon” effect is achieved. At the same time, the ceiling can completely hide communications, but at the same time remain transparent to smoke and fire extinguishing systems.

Step (module) KRAFT rail ceiling

For fixing the plate-like slats, we use the universal KRAFT traverse, which is also used for the cube-shaped slats KRAFT Cube.

The size of the basic module traverse is 52 mm. The height of the visible part of the slats – 100-150 mm. Only we have the ability to produce slats of any length to the needs of the design. At the moment, our equipment allows us to perform the L- and Z-configuration of the bend of the end of the rail. Our engineers are working on the possibility of producing other endings.

Compatible with KRAFT Led lighting system

Suspended ceiling based on plate slats is fully compatible with KRAFT G-LED and K-LED LED lighting systems. And you can order the necessary configuration of the rail for fixing lamps at the design stage of the ceiling.


Primary colors: RAL 9003, RAL 9005, RAL 9006, RAL 7024, RAL 8017. It is also possible to paint in any color on the RAL scale, or imitation of various types of wood, metal, stone.

KRAFT Wood imitation wood texture

You can order KRAFT Dekensistem products with quality imitation of any wooden texture in the shade you need (when ordering from 100 sq.m.). The tree always looks great in the interior and gives the room a warm and homely feel.

Standard wood textures
Antique Golden Oak Sonoma

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