Suspended ceiling KRAFT CUBE

New ideas in the design of suspended ceilings

Suspended ceiling on the basis of the cube-shaped strip KRAFT3 (CRAFT Cube) is a logical continuation of the principle of classical suspended ceilings. Due to the variety of sizes and colors, KRAFT3 provides the widest opportunities for design solutions in the design of the ceiling space.

Since October 2018, we have made several design changes to the cube-shaped rail:
1. Make a small bend of the inner edge for stronger fixation of the strip on the stringer.
2. Changed the configuration of the stringer. The size of the module is now 52 mm (previously 50 mm). 

From 2019, we started the production of a new universal fastener for the rail (see below).

Design rack ceilings in the SEC "Caravan" (Kiev) SmartPlaza, Kiev. Suspended ceiling from KRAFT Cube Designer suspended ceilings based on KRAFT ceiling lath Cube with KRAFT Led lighting system

Ceiling Rack KRAFT Cube in the interior >>>

The excellent functional characteristics of the structure are due to the strong connection of the external cubed profiles with the supporting beam.

The configuration and appearance of the carrier traverse

Technological map of the installation of the cube-shaped rail

Connectors and plugs for cubic rail

Для придания жесткости и монолитности реечному потолку используются специальные соединители для реек
As a rule, a rail is used for installation with a length of up to 4 m. Therefore, if the length of the ceiling is large, it is necessary to use connectors for the rails. They give the suspended ceiling the necessary rigidity and solidity. If the slatted suspended ceiling is a free-hanging construction and the wall profile is not used for design, then the end of the slats must be closed with special plugs.
With a significant area of ​​suspended rack ceiling in order to give strength to the structure, it is possible to connect the supporting beams to each other using special connectors. When installing multi-level designer slatted ceilings, the supporting traverses can be interconnected using a threaded stud.


Universal mount for a cubic rail!

With the new fastening, the possibilities of using a cube-shaped rail are significantly expanding.

A new universal mount for a cubic rack was developed by our design bureau at the end of 2018. From 2019, we started to produce them.

We produce rails of two widths: 35 and 88 mm. The fastener is suitable for both types of slats - its size is 35x88 mm, therefore, depending on the orientation of the fastener (horizontal or vertical), you can install a rail of the desired width on it.

This mount has several advantages compared to the mount on the traverse:
• you can place the rail anywhere on the ceiling or wall;
• there is no need to be limited only to the traverse plane - it is possible to install the rails at different angles to each other;
• you are not “tied” to the traverse module - any step of the slats is possible;
• saving of free space - no suspensions and traverse are required;
• neat appearance;
• additional opportunities to create designer ceilings.

Technical characteristics of the rail:

Width - 35 mm and 88 mm
The height is 35-80 mm (for a width of 88 mm), 35-105 mm (for a width of 35 mm)
Length - from 500 mm to 6000 mm
The color of the design - any color on the RAL scale, as well as imitation of different types of wood, metals, stone.

The basic colors of the roof rack KRAFT Cube

RAL9003 (white) RAL9005 (black) RAL9006 (silver)
RAL7024 (gray graphite) RAL7024 (chocolate) Wood texture
KRAFT Wood imitation wood texture

You can order KRAFT Dekensistem products with quality imitation of any wooden texture in the shade you need (when ordering from 100 sq.m.). The tree always looks great in the interior and gives the room a warm and homely feel.

Standard wood textures
Antique Golden Oak Sonoma

Using rails of different heights (from 35 to 105 mm), you can create voluminous multilevel solutions. KRAFT3 is fully compatible with the KRAFT LED lighting system.

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Examples of combinations of racks of different sizes

Find out where to buy KRAFT products in your area >>>

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