Grigliato classic

The classic grigliato is a light, "airy" design, while at the same time creating the illusion of a monolithic ceiling. Thanks to its simplicity of installation and high performance characteristics, the classic grigliato is in deserved demand. The grigliato design means easy access to communications, fire safety and aesthetic appearance. And thanks to the ability to combine different colors of the guides - also the possibilities for individual decoration of the ceiling. The classic grid ceiling is fully compatible with the rest of the KRAFT products, including the KRAFT LED LED lighting systems.

General information
U-shaped rails with a width of 9 mm and a height of 33, 40 or 45 mm Ceiling cover from 39% (depending on the size) Choice of colors on the scale RAL or KRAFT Wood (imitation wood)

Scheme of installation and configuration of classic grigliato >>>
Instructions for self-assembly >>>