Grigliato blinds

Suspended ceiling with rectangular cells

Grigliato blinds - this is one of the varieties of grigliato. The cells in the grigliato blinds are not square but rectangular. This effect is achieved by skipping individual guides in a general array.

The effect of the blind can be achieved with any kind of grigliato KRAFT - classic, pyramidal, GLK. But the best results are achieved by using the grigliato GLK (modular system), since the supporting frame of the T-profiles gives the necessary strength. In addition to the original appearance, the material saving compared to the usual grigliato reaches 16%.

Grigliato blinds can be combined with any other types of grigliato for the implementation of design ideas. And the number of all possible combinations is limited only by your imagination.

The grigliato blinds are fully compatible with the rest of the KRAFT products, including the KRAFT LED lighting systems.

General information
A large number of options for design solutions As a "base" you can use any type of grigliato - classic, pyramidal, GLK Choice of color on the scale RAL or KRAFT Wood (imitation wood)

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