Grigliato GLK

Grigliato GLK is a cassette-type ceiling. In appearance, it does not differ from the classic grigliato, but it has undeniable advantages in installation and operation.

Ceiling grigliato GLK mounted on a classic frame of the profile T-15. But instead of the plates, the GRK grigliato modules of 600x600 mm size are installed in the supporting frame. Thanks to the skeleton of the T-profile, the strength of the grillato GLK is higher than that of the classic grigliato. In addition, the cassette is easily removed from the frame, providing easy access to utilities.

Grilyato GLK is fully compatible with other KRAFT products, including KRAFT LED LED lighting systems.

We produce two modifications of the grillate GLK: 15/10 and 15/15. What's the Difference:

The GLK 15/15 cassette has a framing profile. The thickness of the grilyato profile and the supporting T-profiles Fortis is 15 mm. The GLK 15/10 cassette does not have a framing profile. The thickness of the grillato profile is 10 mm, the thickness of the Fortis T-profiles is 15 mm.

General information

Simple installation on a T-profile frame GLK cassettes are easy to remove for access to utilities Choice of color on the scale RAL or KRAFT Wood (imitation wood)

KRAFT Wood imitation wood texture

You can order KRAFT Dekensistem products with quality imitation of any wooden texture in the shade you need (when ordering from 100 sq.m.). The tree always looks great in the interior and gives the room a warm and homely feel.

Standard wood textures
Antique Golden Oak Sonoma


Colors and sizes of the GLK cassette grilyato in the interior

Scheme of installation and configuration of grigliato GLK >>>
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