Variety of colors

For all products produced by CRAFT Dekhensistem available painting in any color on the scale of RAL, as well as imitation of different types of wood, metals, stone.


All KRAFT products are available in three basic colors: RAL 9003 (white), RAL 9005 (black), RAL 9006 (gray metallic). In addition, you can order our products in any color on the RAL scale.
We use galvanized steel with a polymer coating of the world's leading manufacturers. Factory painting is the guarantee of stable quality and uniformity of coating, as well as color matching to the RAL scale.

The full scale of RAL can be viewed under the link >>>

Examples of pyramidal grigliato in various colors on the RAL scale
RAL 9003 RAL 9005 RAL 9006 RAL 8017 Chocolate brown
RAL 8007 Fawn brown RAL 7034 Yellow grey RAL 7024 Graphite grey RAL 6001 Emerald green
RAL 5021 Water blue RAL 5012 Light blue RAL 5003 Sapphire blue RAL 3020 Traffic red
RAL 3003 Ruby red RAL 2009 Traffic orange RAL 1015 Light ivory RAL 1003 Signal yellow
KRAFT Wood imitation wood texture

You can order KRAFT Dekensistem products with quality imitation of any wooden texture in the shade you need (when ordering from 100 sq.m.). The tree always looks great in the interior and gives the room a warm and homely feel.