Integrated design solutions for ceilings

Suspended ceilings KRAFT provide unlimited possibilities for design solutions for any interior. Combine different types of grigliato with each other, experiment with colors and the size of cells, create "transitions" and patterns - it all depends on your imagination! And our design bureau will help to translate your ideas for an interior in the form of 3D-models.

Designer scheme "Yin-Yan".
Variation of the famous symbol of the male and female beginnings. The scheme is based on the use of pyramidal grilyato of different colors (100x100 mm).

Designer scheme "Barcode".
The array of white classic grilyato with a cell of 50x50 mm is diluted with black lines simulating a barcode.
Designer scheme "Vyshyvanka".
The ceiling pattern is based on national Ukrainian patterns. Material: multi-colored pyramidal grigliato (100x100 mm).
Designer scheme "Day and night."
The basis is a classic grigliato (100x100 mm).
The "wave" effect.
Due to the use of the KRAFT3 cubes of different heights (the possible range of heights is 35-105 mm), the effect of a wavy surface is created. Color of reiki - under "copper". Lighting system KRAFT LED.
Ceiling from T-profile and mineral plates OWA in combination
with a classic grigliato (100x100 mm). Lighting system KRAFT LED.
Contrasting transition from the grillato shutters (cell 100x300 mm) to the classic grigliato (120x120 mm). KRAFT LED luminaires frame the perimeter and unite the two parts of the ceiling.
The ceiling and walls of the KRAFT3 cube-shaped strip with a diagonal arrangement.
Suspension from the KRAFT3 cubed strip with a coating simulating a wooden invoice KRAFT Wood.
In the left part of the cube-shaped slats are KRAFT3. In the right part of the classic grigliato (200x200 mm) in combination with the ceiling of the T-profile and mineral plates OWA. Lighting system KRAFT LED.