Rating of suspended ceilings by cost

Recommendations for choosing false ceilings, depending on the budget. Rating of suspended ceilings by price*

How to choose the suspended ceiling based on the budget? How do different types of ceilings differ in cost? What determines the price of a suspended ceiling? We answer these and other questions in detail.

The cost of a suspended ceiling depends on a large number of factors, which are conditionally divided into two types. The first type is those parameters that affect any type of suspended ceiling. The second type depends directly on the chosen type of suspended ceiling. Let's take a closer look.

Factors that affect the cost of any type of suspended ceiling

1. The color of the visible part of the suspended ceiling

The visible part of the suspended ceiling is the surface facing the observer, which can be seen from below. How does color affect the price of components and the total cost of the ceiling? Based on long-term observations, we determined the most popular colors of suspended ceilings. These colors are standard for KRAFT products: RAL 9003 (white), RAL 9005 (black), RAL 9006 (metallic gray), RAL 7024 (graphite gray) and RAL 8017 (chocolate). Accordingly, the cost of products made in standard colors is the lowest possible. Painting in any other colors according to RAL or wood texture are additional costs that increase the cost of production.

Conclusion: suspended ceilings in standard colors - this is the most economical option

2. Room and False Ceiling Configuration

Depending on the complexity of the configuration of the room, the final cost of a false ceiling can increase by 10-15%. If the room has various protrusions, columns, rounded surfaces, etc., it must be borne in mind that a sufficiently large percentage of the material will go for trimming. In addition, the complexity of installation increases and, accordingly, the cost per square meter. Therefore, if at the design stage you have the opportunity to simplify the configuration of the suspended ceiling, then you can save some of the budget. The configuration can be simplified in various ways, because it is not necessary that the suspended ceiling follows the contour of the room: do not “bring” the suspended ceiling to the walls, combine various types of suspended ceilings, etc. 

Conclusion: Simplify your suspended ceiling as much as possible.

3. Preliminary calculation of lighting

To a greater extent, this item refers to ceilings based on the T-profile - with a mineral plate or grillato GLK (cassette). Any lamp for a false ceiling occupies a certain space and this must be taken into account in advance. For example, in the ceiling on the T-profile, the KRAFT T-Led lamp is inserted instead of the usual profile - accordingly, in the order you need to reduce the number of T-profiles. For grilyato and slatted ceilings, lighting is less critical, although it all depends on the type of fixtures.

Conclusion: miscalculation of lighting allows you to get rid of unnecessary components

What affects the price of various types of suspended ceilings?

Consider what factors affect the cost of suspended ceilings, depending on the type of ceiling

1. T-profile ceilings

Selection of KRAFT Nova and KRAFT Fortis suspended ceilings by price

What is a suspended ceiling on a T-profile?

The ceiling on the T-profile conventionally consists of two parts - the supporting structure and plates. Separate T-shaped profiles (for example, KRAFT Nova or KRAFT Fortis) are attached to the main ceiling on the butterfly hangers and using locks to each other, forming a structure with cells (600x600 mm or 1200x600 mm) for the plates. After that, you can install in the cells: mineral plates, acoustic plates, GLK grilyato cassettes, etc. The final cost of the ceiling will depend on the plates you install. And we will consider what affects the price of T-shaped profiles.

The most popular models are KRAFT Nova and KRAFT Fortis. The most economical option is the KRAFT Nova profile. It has average maximum load, profile width is 24 mm, the color is only white. A bit more expensive is the KRAFT Fortis profile. Of the advantages: high maximum load, width 15 mm or 24 mm, colors - basic colors KRAFT + any color on the RAL scale + wood texture. With the influence of color on value, we figured it out higher. The price of KRAFT Fortis is also affected by the width of the profile. The T-24 profile (24 mm wide) is slightly cheaper than the T-15 profile, since the T-15 profile is more difficult to manufacture.

Interesting information:
- Locks of all KRAFT T-profiles are compatible with each other, therefore, if necessary, all profiles are interchangeable;
- We produce KRAFT T-Led LED profiles with a width of 15 mm and 24 mm. During installation, they replace standard KRAFT profiles.

Price grading according to T-profile (from the smallest to the largest): KRAFT Nova T-24, KRAFT Fortis T-24 (basic colors), KRAFT Fortis T-15 (basic colors), KRAFT Fortis T-24 (any color), KRAFT Fortis T-15 (any color)

Details of KRAFT T-profiles >>>

Conditional rating of various types of KRAFT ceilings on the T-profile by price

2. Grilgliato - classic, pyramidal, cassette (GLK)

Choice of KRAFT grilyato suspended ceilings by price

What is a grilyato suspended ceiling?

Grilyato is a suspended ceiling in the form of a lattice, consisting of separate U- or Y-shaped guides, which are attached to each other using carved locks and to the main ceiling using a suspension system.

The main advantage of grilyato over the ceilings on the T-profile is that the grilyato ceiling visually looks solid, but in fact its transparency is 35-70%. So in the event of a fire, the ceiling does not interfere with the removal of smoke from the room and the operation of fire extinguishing systems. Therefore, such ceilings, in accordance with fire safety standards, are preferred to be installed in shopping centers, shops and other premises with a large crowd of people. You can also choose any ceiling color or wood texture.

The Kraft Decensystem company produces three main types of grillato: classic, pyramidal, cassette grillato GLK and several of their modifications. Design differences and technical characteristics of various types of grillato - click here. We will consider what exactly affects the final cost of suspended grillato ceilings and how to save. What to consider?

Decide on the desired cell size. The larger the size of the grilyato cell, the lower the cost of the ceiling per square meter. With all the same parameters, a ceiling with a cell of 60 mm will be more expensive than a ceiling with a cell of 100 mm. Therefore, you need to clearly determine the desired cell size depending on the length of the room and the height of the ceilings. Recommendations on the selection of cell sizes on the link >>>. In this table, the calculation is made for the classic grillato. Keep in mind that the overlap angle of the pyramidal grilyato is greater. Estimated correction factor - 1.5. Those. if according to the table it is necessary to install a classic grilyato with a cell of 75x75 mm, then the pyramidal grilyato with a cell can provide the same overlapping ceiling space: 75 x 1.5 = 108 mm. So you can install a pyramidal grilyato with a cell of 100 mm or 120 mm.

Decide on the type of grilyato. If you grade the cost of grilyato species, then the classic budget grillato will be the most budgetary solution, followed by the pyramidal and grillato GLK. But in addition to the price, the conditions for the further operation of the ceiling should be taken into account. For convenience and functionality, the first place is occupied by the grillato GLK. Comparison of different types of grillato >>>

Price range for suspended ceilings of grilyato (from the smallest to the largest): classic grilyato (base colors), pyramidal grilyato (basic colors), classic grilyato (any color) or GLK grilyato (basic colors), pyramidal grilyato (any color), GLK grilyato ( any colour).

Conditional rating of various types of KRAFT grilyato ceilings by price

3. KRAFT Rail Ceilings - Cube and Slat

How to choose a slatted suspended ceiling depending on the cost. What determines the price of a suspended ceiling from a rail

What is a rack ceiling? What types of slatted false ceilings does KRAFT produce and what affects their cost?

A rack ceiling is a suspended ceiling, consisting of many narrow and / or flat rails arranged in a certain order and united by a common suspended mounting system.
The company "Kraft" produces rack suspended ceilings of two types: on the basis of a cube-shaped and plate rails. The cube-shaped rail has a U-shaped profile and a width of 35 or 88 mm. The plate rail (or screen ceiling) is a flat plate with a different bend of the end, which is made individually. The standard mount for both rail types is the KRAFT universal crosshead. In addition, the cube-shaped rail can be mounted on individual mounts.

What determines the price of a rack ceiling?
The fact is that rack ceilings offer much more diverse installation options than other suspended ceilings. Therefore, we will consider common points for all types of rack ceilings, and the price of a particular ceiling will depend on a combination of these factors.

Rail size. The larger the size of the rail, the higher its price. This is logical, since the price of the product is affected by metal and energy consumption. Therefore, you should choose the optimal dimensions for your room rail or a combination of sizes.

Step of a rack ceiling. A pitch is the axial distance between adjacent rails. When installed on the KRAFT universal crosshead, the multiplicity of the rail pitch is 52 mm. When installing on individual mounts, the step can be any. The larger the pitch, the less rails are used per square meter of area.

Fastening. There are two types of mounts that we mentioned above - a mount on a beam and individual mounts (for a cube-shaped rail). With the help of individual mounts, you can implement almost any design decision, and there are some limitations when using a traverse. Accordingly, installing a rack ceiling on a beam is cheaper.

Rack ceiling configuration. The configuration includes: the percentage of trimming, the use of rail connectors, the use of end caps, etc.

For example, you have a room measuring 6x10 m. The rail can be placed along the short side, along the long side or diagonally. If you place the rail along the long side or diagonally, then you will have to use connectors to connect the rails to each other - this increases the cost. When placed along the short - connectors are not required.

Cubic ceiling rail KRAFT, dimensions and module Supporting traverse for false ceiling made of KRAFT rail Universal fixing for KRAFT cube rail
End cap for cube rail KRAFT   To give rigidity and solidity to the slatted ceiling, special connectors for slats are used

Details of the cube rail >>>
Details of Plate Rail >>>

The results. Rating of suspended ceilings by price*

So, we examined the main factors that affect the cost of KRAFT suspended ceilings. Now, if necessary, you can reduce your budget when choosing a false ceiling. As a result, we present you a rating of all types of suspended ceilings at a price per square meter of a conditionally typical configuration. This rating is for informational purposes only.

Rating of KRAFT suspended ceilings by cost

* Due to the variety of various parameters and configurations, the data given in the article give an approximate comparison of the cost of suspended ceilings. Choose a ceiling only after consulting with our managers and getting an accurate calculation of the ceiling in a particular room.